Co-Creating With Russian Millennials
17 Dec 2018

Co-Creating With Russian Millennials

After a week spent co-creating concepts with 20-35 year olds in Moscow, it’s hard not to be impressed by the cultural differences and social expectations of the under-thirty and over-thirty generations.  If you’d like to know more about what we learned, we’d be delighted to chat!

Nestlé’s Super-Successful Lower-Sugar Bears
1 Dec 2018

Nestlé’s Super-Successful Lower-Sugar Bears

We were very excited to collaborate with the brilliant Nestlé Prague Sugar Confectionery team.

We helped them gather insights, update their segmentation, plot their strategy, generate ideas and co-create them into winning concepts with their target consumers

One of the first launches from the innovation pipeline we helped them to build is 30% Less Sugar Bears.

Not only have they been a hit with retailers, they are flying out of stores too.  One of the team’s most successful launches this year!

Co-creating winning innovation concepts
23 Nov 2018

Co-creating winning innovation concepts

Too many NPD ideas fail in concept tests!

So, when you’ve got a new product idea you believe in … you need to craft it into a concept that’ll do it justice in research.

We’ve helped clients deliver some of the highest innovation concept scores they have ever achieved.

  • Delivering 7 winning NPD concepts out 15 concept screened
  • Delivering a 93% innovation concept viability score in a Bases SnapShot!

Discover how we can deliver equally impressive results for you …

Getting Inside Moscow Millennials’ heads
9 Nov 2018

Getting Inside Moscow Millennials’ heads

What’s it like being a Millennial in Putin’s Russia

How similar / different is the Millennial experience to that of Millennials in the West

How do Russian Millennials define their sense of style

What do they aspire to – and what products do they seek?

We’ve had the most brilliant time talking to social media influencers, talking to Millennials online themselves and then going and meeting them in their homes, places of work and where they love to hang out and have fun.

It couldn’t have been more insightful!

Now, on to the idea-generation phase!

What’s Gen-Z All About?
9 Nov 2018

What’s Gen-Z All About?

They’re under 20 …

They’re digital natives …

But what else makes Gen Z cohort different from Millennials?

We recruited a community of 16 x 16-20 year olds to meet one of our clients European insight and marketing team – so they could find out first hand!

It’s quite fashionable to sneer at the idea of ‘cohorts’ as a coherent group, but based on this project for one of the biggest FMCG businesses in the world, here’s plenty of differences between individuals, but lots of cohort-based commonalities too.

And …. they are going to represent a very different marketing challenge.

Are you ready?

If not, maybe we can help!

Gaining Insights into Kids’ World
9 Oct 2018

Gaining Insights into Kids’ World

What do kids love?

What will mums buy?

We’ve been using Ethnography, Safaris and Co-Creation groups with Mums and their Kids to understand what makes a kid’s brand cool and what makes it into a winner with mums too!

Who’d have thought coming to work could be such good fun!

Naked Skittles!
11 Sep 2018

Naked Skittles!

It’s great to see our friends at Mars-Wrigley being so disruptive!

They’ve stripped the sugar-shell off the iconic Skittles format, to create Chewies – a totally new textural experience.

Great to see it in stores and read the super-excited posts of Skittles fans on social media. Nice one team!