Premier Launches Batchelors’ Protein Pots
1 Nov 2016

Premier Launches Batchelors’ Protein Pots

It’s very exciting to see yet another launch from our lovely clients at Premier Foods.

Designed to capitalise on the consumers’ demand for quick, convenient, high-protein snacks and light-meals Batchelors’ microwaveable ambient protein pots turn wholesome, high-protein beans and pulses into quick and appealing meal solutions.

If this case-history has inspired you, and you have similar challenges where our insight, ideation and concept co-creation skills might add value for you – we’d love to hear from you!

London Trends Safari
24 Oct 2016

London Trends Safari

To paraphrase Einstein: If you keep taking inspiration from the same old things, you are bound to come up with the same old ideas!

We make huge efforts to ensure our ideation-workshops are packed with stimulus that triggers creative thinking.  One of the most inspiring we have run recently, has been for a client who is seeking to target young, stylish, highly-creative adults.

To fire-up the team’s imagination and make sure they were truly in-tune with the world of their target-audience, we took them on a guided ‘cultural tour’ of some of London’s more cutting edge and creatively inspiring areas.  A day-long stomp around Spitalfields, Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney took us from the rapidly gentrifying streets dominated by family-friendly craft shops and foodies-stores; out to the edges of the territory being colonised by conceptual tattooists, artists and the most adventurous of hipsters!

A lot of coffee, some cracking veggie nosh and lots of visual and cultural stimulation later we were ready to start sorting through what we’d seen and begin organising it into ‘stimulation packs’ to get the workshop team really thinking.

The secret to a great ‘stimulation pack’ is the juxtaposition of the inspiring ‘craft’ and ‘experiential’ initiatives the team observed on their day out, with more mainstream case-histories to help the team visualise how they might be scaled and commercialised … to give them the courage to have a go at something equally disruptive themselves.

collage-2016-08-08 (2) (1)kra

We shared the stimulation packs in a high-energy creative workshop just a week or so later,  where the team generated over 20 creatively-driven springboard platforms for growth.

Nobody had really anticipated just how adventurous some of the concepts were going to get. So, the next task was to evolve the thinking, to optimise the connections between the observed trends and the core product category, in preparation for quant concept filtering

So, if you feel you and your team may be in need of a little inspiration, why not let us know?  London’s a great place to explore the streets and stretch you mind.  So is New York.  But why not Barcelona, Paris or San Francisco?  All you need are some comfy shoes, imagination … and the right team to analyse what you see and help turn it into inspiring springboards for ideation.  Come on, give us a call!


Kerry’s Charleville Snackfuls win Great Taste award
21 Oct 2016

Kerry’s Charleville Snackfuls win Great Taste award

It’s very exciting to see that our friends at Kerry Foods Ireland have won a well deserved Great Taste award for their Charleville Snackfuls real cheese, cracker & chutney snacks.

It’s been great to play a small part in the ‘revitalisation’ and ‘stretch’ of Charleville, Ireland’s favourite cheese.

Great product idea, great execution, great comms … and great to see it being so successful!

Five secrets of crafting winning innovation concepts
19 Oct 2016

Five secrets of crafting winning innovation concepts

When you use the right workshop techniques, tools and team, generating strong new product ideas isn’t a problem (at least not if you work with us!).  But evolving those ideas into winning concepts can be a real challenge.

We’ve identified five factors that seem to separate good concepts from winners …

Insights:  Make sure your insight really is an insight.  Too many are in fact just vague ‘observations’. Actionable insights contain both an element of ‘truth’ and a ‘disconnect’.  The insights in our concepts are crafted to maximise their relevance to your target consumer.

Benefits:  Great concepts tap into your consumers’ fundamental functional & emotional drivers.  The best offer rewards and deliver meaningful benefits both emotionally and functionally.  We craft concepts that unlock these differentiating benefits and maximise consumer desire.

Claims & RTBs:  Compelling claims and credible reasons-to-believe are the foundations of a great concept.  One of the secrets of a winner – is to be selective and make sure they are in 100% alignment with the insight and benefit.  Too few truly are!

Brevity and Visuality: 150 words is a good target – and pictures really do speak thousands of words.  Resist the urge to include every claim and every benefit in every concept.

Co-Creation:   Our secret weapon is co-creation.  By working with super-consumers we can fine-tune ideas, words and pictures to build your cool ideas into winning concepts!

  • Not only does co-creation make certain that your ‘good’ idea doesn’t get killed inadvertently by a sub-optimal word or image,
  • It creates an environment in which your target-consumers analyse and deconstruct your thinking – before creatively re-building and optimising it into a solution that perfectly matches their own personal needs.

Our planners, ideators and creatives have developed a powerful bank of Agile Concepting Tools that have already helped many clients turn good ideas into great concepts – and winning new product launches.

If you’d like to know more about our thinking on creating the perfect concept, or have a pressing concept creation challenge – why not get in touch to find out how we might help you turn your cool ideas into winning concepts?

Getting it right for the ‘mature’ market
17 Oct 2016

Getting it right for the ‘mature’ market

A few days ago we shared some thoughts on how to communicate with an older audience. Our number one learning was no-one thinks of themselves as ‘old’. We have met many a seventy year old talking about ‘helping the ‘old’ lady up the road’. Brands hoping to resonate with this audience would do well to remember this. We’ve been keeping our eyes open and spotted a few examples of brands that really appear to be hitting the mark when it comes to targeting this demographic. Check out these examples and get inspired!

We love this Nike ad. Inspiring, yet down to earth, it tells a true story of Sister Madonna Buder. Her view that ‘you carry your attitude with you’ sums up so many of the consumers we have met on safari and during on-line forums.

Everyone would agree that Helen Mirren is the epitome of ageing with style and L’Oreal have shone a positive light on her poise and resilience.

‘Ready for more’ is the empowering slogan Boots use for their ‘Lift and Luminate’ advertising. Again this will resonate well with many consumers we have met during research.

The first step to building a bond with this demographic is fine-tuning your product concept and communication to resonate with their values. We’ve helped a number of clients meet this challenge.

If you would like to explore how to unlock this demographic’s potential for your brand give us a call!  01491 411272.

Optimum Inspiration
14 Oct 2016

Optimum Inspiration

Brilliantly inspiring ad from our friends at Glanbia Performance Nutrition that really brings the brand’s positioning to life and inspires Super Set consumers to work harder and achieve more.  Fantastic comms!

High Protein Cup a Soup
12 Oct 2016

High Protein Cup a Soup

Yet another brilliant launch from one of our recent projects.  This time from the lovely team at Premier foods.

Premier were acutely aware of the dramatic impact protein was having on the snacking market. Whilst they had some cool ideas for relevant new products, they were struggling to generate compelling consumer concepts.

We were thrilled when they called on our expertise with super-consumer concept co-creation to not just crack their concept challenge – but knock it right out of the park. We helped them go from ‘no concept’ to winning concept scores in just a few short weeks!

Who are you calling old?
21 Sep 2016

Who are you calling old?

Our job means we meet lots of marketers on a daily basis. They are a great bunch; bright, enthusiastic and committed to their consumers. They are also often young (or maybe that’s just us getting old!) A perennial question our clients pose for us is ‘how to communicate with an older audience?’ We’ve completed lots of insight work in this area and thought we’d share a little of our wisdom here…

Golden rule number one – they are not old. It doesn’t matter how old they are (or how old they seem to a young marketer) they never think of themselves as old. We’ve met seventy year olds who are committed to their daily (yes, daily!) exercise regime and will wax lyrical about the ‘old lady’ down the road that they help. Every consumer we’ve ever met on safari, on-line ethnology or in groups will tell you about the ‘old people’ they know! This of course raises the question how do you target an older segment when no-one recognises themselves as old?!

A key element in the answer to that question is about tailoring your offering rather than ‘labelling’ your consumer. Which leads us on to our next insight.

Number two: Their lives are changing but generally they are ok with that.   ‘Things’ don’t work like they used to but with a bit of PMA and a few ‘helping hands’ they still perceive themselves as healthy. Exercise often increases in importance; the intensity may well go down but the frequency often goes up. They believe they eat better than they used to and are often open to credible health and functional foods

Number three: We’ll call this a caveat (as we don’t like to contradict ourselves!) We’ve spotted two broad segments. The ‘Empowered’; who the two rules above definitely apply to and the ‘Resigned’ who are a whole lot less positive about ageing. It probably goes without saying that the Empowered are a more attractive target for marketers with age related propositions.

Golden rule number four: The 60s are a crucial decade with a fascinating gender difference. Women often revel in their sixties; a time of contentment and a time for themselves when they are no longer a primary carer.   They often describe themselves as ‘confident and comfortable’. For men the sixties can be a less comfortable decade often associated with a loss of status, as they retire or are surpassed at work or in sport by younger men.  These psychological frames are crucial to a truly tailored offering.

Number five: Sorry to say but temptation and associated guilt are still factors for these consumers. That’s not something we grow out of! They know what they want, they know what is good for them and the two don’t always align.   Sometimes this is fine, sometimes they give in and feel guilt. Off-setting guilt or managing permissibility can help a product gain traction.

Number six: Wellbeing is a desirable, if slightly intangible, goal. Wellbeing has many elements: physical, spiritual, social and psychological. All aspects seem to come into sharp relief, as our consumers get older.  Body and mind health are intertwined, inseparable and invaluable. Cater for both and you have yourself a winner!

We’ve completed a number of successful projects, across Europe and the US, for high profile brands targeting the mature segment.   We’re really excited about the potential for innovators to unlock this neglected and under-rated demographic.

If you would like to explore how to unlock this demographic’s potential for your brand give us a call!  01491 411272

A baby bottle like no other
1 Sep 2016

A baby bottle like no other

Back at the start of 2013 the team at Mayborn’s Tommee Tippee asked us to develop an innovation programme to build on the success of their ‘Closer to Nature’ baby feeding range.

We put together a fast-moving insight, ideation and concept co-creation programme that not only helped them build a robust innovation pipeline, but also provided masses of deep, empathetic insight that genuinely disrupted the team’s thinking about how they should meet the needs of contemporary mums and mums to be.

The first launch from this pipeline was the brilliant Pump & Go Breast Expressing and Storage system in mid-2015.

We’re really excited to see the second product in the pipeline has hit the market – Ultra

Ultra is a unique, new feeding-bottle that not only has a breast-like shape for natural latching and easy switching between bottle and breast – it also has a revolutionary offset nipple and intelligent venting design that smoothes milk flow and dramatically reduces the risk of colic.  Virtually everything you need to deliver the perfect bottle feeding experience.

Thanks to the rich insights we delivered – paired with the brilliant design solutions created by the Tommee Tippee team Ultra really is: ‘the only bottle you’ll ever need’.

If you are interested to know more: we’ve created a case history – but please do get in touch if you’d like us to talk you through the story personally!