Insights, Ideation & Co-Creation with Mums and Kids

Arla asked us to help them deliver success in the highly competitive kids’ dairy drinks category.

Having done a Rewind, it became clear that the world didn’t need another conventional milk shake …  however fun & engaging!

We needed to come up with something that was relevant for mums & motivating for their kids.

We worked closely with the Arla team to uncover all the features & benefits that might differentiate their product from its competitors.  Happily, there was no shortage of options!

Our creative team then started to explore options for positioning the brand on a continuum between the goodness of pure milk and the fun of milk-shakes.

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With so many variables and so little time we used a rapid-recycling, consumer co-creation approach.

We ran deep-dive sessions with mums and their kids to really understand their wants, needs and motivations.

The project team of clients & consultants worked with them to explore how existing solutions met their needs – and identified some pretty substantial opportunity gaps around naturalness & sweetness.


Consumers were then challenged to work with the team to deconstruct & creatively evolve our starter ideas – into concepts that maximised their appeal.

We came out of the co-creation phase with two power-concepts. One driven by simple natural ingredients and the other by 50% less sugar.

In quant concept testing both performed incredibly well. In fact, it was pretty hard to pick a winner!  But Arla did and now Arla’s Flavoured Milk with 50% Less Sugar is on the supermarket shelves and selling briskly.


Positive proof that concept co-creation can quickly & efficiently identify the insights, benefits and RTBs that bring out the best in any potentially great product idea.

Our Consumer Co-Creation processes have been developed and fine-tuned so we can now Rewind, Ideate, Co-Create & Debrief within three short weeks from brief to consumer-validated power-concept.

If you’ve got a smart idea you need to build into a winning concept – shouldn’t you get in touch?

“The concepts are the best performing dairy drinks we’ve tested in the last 2 years”.

Group Brand Manager – Dairy Drinks