Unlocking consumer truths

We unlock actionable insights

We help our clients unlock the deep, meaningful insights … because they’re the ones that trigger fresh thinking and inspire breakthrough innovation!

We get past consumers’ superficial responses and dig-deep …

We creatively use life-logging, online ethnography, shop-alongs, mini-groups and safaris into consumers’ homes.  In fact, any technique that’ll get us past the obvious … and let us probe ‘deep into our target audience’s heads’!

We love to get our clients 100% involved … spotting the ‘killer’ insight, gaining empathy into consumers’ needs … and getting them passionate about making consumers’ lives better!

But we don’t stop there.  Our Insight Workshops decode what the team has learned and forge it into dynamic & actionable innovation platforms that’ll springboard original thinking & inspired NPD & Brand Renovation solutions!

We’ve already successfully completed insight programmes as far afield as: Atlanta, Berlin, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Helsinki, Lausanne, Leeds, London, Manchester, Mexico City, Naples, NYC, Paris, Prague and Seoul.  To name just a few!

Share your challenge with us … and we’ll help you unlock insights that’ll inspire your imagination!


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