Tommee Tippee – Pump & Go

Insight, Ideation & Positioning in preparation for global relaunch

Getting to know US Moms …

Building on the success of Closer to Nature to create an innovation pipeline.

We took the marketers and product designers in Tommee Tippee’s global innovation team on a journey of discovery.

We started with Consumer Safaris in Charlotte N.C. to really understand the needs of real-life new moms and moms-to-be; we used creative brainstorming techniques to stimulate team thinking; then worked with yet more super-consumer moms in consumer co-creation workshops in Atlanta G.A. to turn starter ideas into highly motivating concepts.

image-2015-12-01 (3)

The result: a complete rethink on how the brand should communicate through packaging – with a much greater emphasis on building the over-arching Tommee Tippee branding and storytelling … whilst not losing the magic of the Closer-to-Nature proposition

Plus we were also able to deliver a packed innovation pipeline of both feeding-bottle & preparation-accessories concepts for development by Tommee Tippee’s brilliant innovation & marketing team throughout 2015 and 2016


The first launch from this packed pipeline took place in Summer 2015 when the highly innovative Pump & Go concept was launched in the UK & USA to great critical acclaim from bloggers and mothers alike.

If this case-history has inspired you, and you have similar challenges where our insight, ideation and concept co-creation skills might add value for you – we would love to hear from you

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