Nestle JOJO

Brand Renovation with Nestle Czech

Nestle’s JOJO is the market leader in the dynamic Czech and Slovak sugar confectionery markets.  So it was a thrill to be asked to work with their team to help renovate and re-set the brand to make it ‘fit for purpose’ for the next generation.

Sugar confectionery is a brilliantly challenging category.  It’s all about fun and gratuitous enjoyment, but it has to operate in a world where big brands must operate ethically and be mindful of the long-term health risks associated with obesity.

We helped the JOJO team: rewind their existing data, plan and execute a highly successful segmentation, refine and perfect their brand equity model and super-charge their innovation pipeline with inspiring NPD ideas that match the needs of their target segments.

All in less than 6 months!

If this case-history has inspired you, and you have similar challenges where our insight, ideation and concept co-creation skills might add value for you – we would love to hear from you