Premier – Cup a Soup

Creating winning consumer concepts through co-creation

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The consumers’ appetite for high-protein foods shows no sign of abating.  Over the last year or two it has revolutionised categories from dairy and meat-snacking to cereals.

Premier were acutely aware of the dramatic impact protein was having on the snacking market and saw it as a strategic opportunity to not only revitalise their ‘Cup a Soup’ brand but also grow penetration.

They had some cool ideas for relevant new products, but they hadn’t cracked compelling consumer concepts.  A problem partly caused by the EFSA rules that prevent brands using the ‘fuller for longer’ claim that consumers so desperately want to hear.

We were thrilled when they called on our expertise with super-consumer concept co-creation to not just crack their concept challenge – but knock it right out of the park.

Using co-creators with carefully recruited super-consumers drawn from their target segments, we helped them go from ‘no concept’ to a series of winning concept executions with engaging insights, compelling promises and motivating reasons to believe in the space of just a few well-moderated sessions.

One quick concept test later – and Premier has all the ingredients they needed to successfully launch High Protein as part of their Batchelors ‘Deliciously Thick’ range in just a few short weeks!

If this case-history has inspired you, and you have similar challenges where our insight, ideation and concept co-creation skills might add value for you – we would love to hear from you