Turning Trends into Actionable Strategy & Innovation

Trends are cool.  They have the power to stimulate thinking, provoke debate and encourage experimentation.

But there is a risk that trying to absorb too many trends will result in trend-paralysis!  You end up trying to reconcile so many factors, that it becomes easier to accept the status quo!

Don’t do it.  Don’t get trends-paralysis!

This is the time of year when you should be absorbing fresh thinking, stirring up the status quo, harnessing your energy … writing fresh, inspiring strategies and generating breakthrough concepts that will create the growth you need!

Three Trend Activation Workshop Approaches

We can help you harness trends into motivating strategic challenges and inspiring innovation springboards … we can even help you creatively explore them in workshops to ensure their full power is unleashed.

We can start off with our #9 Power Trends, or we can curate a custom-bank of trends tailored to your industry … or we can even help you activate your own trends-bank (if you have one)!

So, if your objectives for 2019 include strategy planning or generating ideas to optimise, renovate or innovate your brands … let’s work out which of our three proven approaches work best for you!

Trends-Driven Strategy Workshop

If you are planning your business’ corporate strategy or exploring ways of optimising and renovating an existing brand you need to leverage trends to anticipate the opportunities and challenges your business will face over the next 5 – 10 years.

Our one-day, strategic-exploration workshops explore the likely impact of emerging consumer, economic and technology trends on current business models to help our clients maximise business success

Next Steps:  Why not explore how our one-day strategic workshops can help you fine tune your business plan or optimise your brand essence and proposition?

Trends-Driven Creative Workshop

If you’re looking for game-changing Innovation and new business opportunties, trends give you an invaluable way of disrupting your team’s thinking and ‘seeing over the horizon’ to reinvent your existing portfolio and business-models (before competitors do it for you)!

Our two-day, ‘what-if’ workshops focus on 3-4 key, emerging trends and really explore them in depth to identify how our clients should innovate their business-models to stay well ahead of the game.

Next Step: Why not work with us to identify which 3-4 trends would really stretch your team intellectually – and we can plan, prepare and execute a workshop to generate horizon 1, 2 and 3 innovation opportunties

Creative Workshop – Trends Accelerator

If you’re aim is to expand your product portfolio to maximise consumer relevance and keep ahead of technological change – trends can be an brilliant and inspiring add-on module to a more conventional, structured insight-driven or technology-driven workshop.

Our 2-3 hour ‘imagination-driven’ trends modules build neatly into the heart of a more conventional structured-thinking workshop to get the team thinking beyond the constraints of today and inventing daring new solutions.

Next Stage:  Why not work with us to plan a balanced insights, tech-enabler + trends workshop to explore all the dimensions that might inspire their ideation process

Our three Trends Workshops approaches will help you stretch your thinking, structure your ideation and generate fresh breakthrough concepts for evaluation – both faster and more cost-effectively than you might imagine!

Is the timing right to explore how trends could invigorate your business’ thinking?

Unleash the power of Trend-Activation Workshops ...

We can help you overcome Trend-Paralysis and turn trends into the engine of your success!

If you’d like to explore how we could help you unlock the full power of these trends, your own trends bank, or even a specially curated bank of trends to reflect your own industry, please do get in touch, give us a call on +44 1491 411272, or connect with David or Joanna via LinkedIn

We custom-build solutions for each and every client – but we find that one-day strategy exploration workshops and two-day creative ideation workshops both deliver brilliant results!

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