Out of Chaos Come Opportunities

You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 was a challenging year, but out of chaos comes disruption – and out of disruption come unparallelled opportunities for innovation!

Looking Forwards, Not Backwards

No-one knows exactly how the future is going to pan out, but we do know that we cannot stand still.

The chaos created by CV19 represents a unique opportunity to reframe & redefine your markets.

The challenge is to:

  • Spot evolving consumer needs
  • Surf emerging market trends
  • Harness new science & digital technology

Then, build an agile portfolio of innovation concepts that will deliver success – across a range of potential social & economic outcomes.

Spotting Unmet Needs

Consumers lives have been massively disrupted – and they aren’t likely to go back to what we remember as normal.  Agile innovators will use a combination of ethnography and interviewing to spot new behaviours and emerging dissatisfactions with existing solutions.

We utilise a portfolio of six complementary, virtual insight-gathering tools to spot changes in consumer behaviour and reveal emerging consumer dissatisfactions.

Find out more about virtual insighting

Surfing Emerging Trends

Adoption of online retail, web communication and digital entertainment accelerated by 10 years during the first 3 months of lockdown – and aren’t likely to go away.  In such volatile times, disruptive innovators will surf emerging trends to inspire their ideation and creatively anticipate alternative future scenarios.

We’ve used a combination of desk research and original research to identify nine trends that will shape consumers’ expectations over the next 4-5 years.

Harnessing New Tech

Disruptive innovation frequently requires the application of digital technology, emerging science or novel delivery processes to make it into reality.  Agile innovators recognise this knowledge often does not reside within their organisations – our team can help you reach out to find the ‘enablers’ your need.

We leverage the skills of specialist agencies who can identify and harness emerging technologies in: physical sciences, digital technology and user experience.

Learn more about our Scouting resources

Disruption, The Crucible of Innovation

We use Virtual Category Reframing Workshops to create an empowering environment where your team can cast-off the constraints of the current market’s structure and fundamentally re-imagine how consumers’ unmet needs could be better satisfied by creatively leveraging emerging trends, new technology enablers and new business models.

Find out how our cutting edge, creative ideation workshops can stimulate and empower your team to generate breakthrough ideas.

Disruptive Solutions With Consumer Relevance

When the future is uncertain, it’s critical to build pipelines of innovation ideas with potential to succeed across a range of social & economic scenarios.

We’ve built a range of qualitative concept optimisation and quantitative proposition prioritisation tools that make this possible.

Consumer Co-Creation Sprints

Good concepts can quickly be crafted into winners, when you creatively co-create and optimise them with target super-consumers.

We’ve developed a virtual concept evaluation and optimisation solution that combines the best of face-to-face co-creators with online groups, virtual whiteboards and quali/quant tools – then sandwiched them with hybrid, team-incubation sessions to create a Super-Consumer Co-Creation Sprint.

Concept Sift & Pipeline Building

The optimum pipeline includes a mix of quick-wins and big ideas.  We’ll help you build a pipeline that anticipates a range of future scenarios.

We’ve collaborated with quant research specialists and global panel providers to build bespoke idea sifting and concept evaluation and optimisation solutions that allow us to quickly and cost effectively build a pipeline of innovation solutions with potential to succeed across a range of scenarios.

Can You Afford Not To Disrupt?

In times of chaos it’s tempting to think that you should defend the status quo and protect your resources …

However by embracing disruption, acting more entrepreneurially and spreading your bets – you could add disruptive value to your market and build the digital, product and business innovation streams that will underwrite your future prosperity.

To quote Jeff Bezos:  “In times of crisis, be aggressive & agile”.

Ready To Be Aggressive & Agile?

If you’d like us to help you plan a disruptive approach to breakthrough innovation – get in touch today or give us a call on +44 1491 411272, or connect with David or Joanna via LinkedIn