Alpro Rye: Creating A New Category Within Plant-Milks

Our client Danone asked us to help them address the challenge from newer category entrants to the plant-based milk market.

Alpro is a well-established and respected brand – but perhaps better known for soya products rather than the more modern oat and nut products.

It was time to shake the market up!

The big idea was a milk based on the nutritious and wholesome rye grain.

The challenge was how to communicate the proposition to gain maximum consumer interest and engagement.

We were tasked with helping define a compelling proposition that resolved unmet needs and encouraged oat drinkers to switch to rye.

Unlocking Insight-Driven Growth

Our process involved three crucial elements: Unlocking consumer insights, crafting powerful stimulus and co-creating motivating concepts.


We took a five-day excursion into consumers’ lives via online ethno.  We looked in their fridges, used an on-the-go diary to track their consumption and got them to explore best in class with web searches & projective exercises

We gained invaluable clues about our consumers’ relationship with plant-milks and their perceptions of rye.  We were ready to craft inspiring stimulus.


We analysed the insights gathered and identified platforms for proposition creation.  In a full-team, online workshop we explored how we could unlock their unmet needs and product dissatisfactions by leveraging the advantages of rye vs existing grain-based drinks.

We created a bank of motivating and compelling stimulus so consumers could create their own perfect rye milk product.


Our moderators utilised the power of to not just explore the relative appeal of a range of proposition-driven concepts with super consumers, but also to spot the most motivating benefits and optimise the appeal of our propositions across multiple markets simultaneously.

We didn’t just evaluate concepts – we co-created them to maximise their edge versus existing plant-milks.

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