Stretching Britvic’s J2O into New Categories

Britvic Soft Drinks asked us to help them identify opportunties to stretch their J2O brand into new categories within the Adult Socialising need-space.

Britvic J2O

Britvic’s J2O is already well-established as an adult-socialising brand.

It performs well in both pubs & bars and take-home retail.

However, over the years, it has begun to lose some of its ‘adult edge’.

The challenge was:

  • Generate relevant, premium solutions for adult socialising moments – where alcohol isn’t desired.
  • Simultaneously reinforce and refresh the relevance of the J2O brand – for a new generation of consumers.

Unlocking Insight-Driven Growth

We put together an agile programme of consumer insight gathering, co-creation and concept validation – that led to the launch of a range of three J2O Mocktails.

Insights, Ideas & Co-Creation

Online ethnography provided rich insights into the frustrations and challenges faced by adult socialisers – when seeking engaging & satisfying non-alcoholic drinks

We helped our clients translate these clues into a bank of potential solutions – for co-creation with target-market consumers

Concept Refinement & Validation

A range of promising innovation spaces were identified from the initial research – which we helped them prioritise based on consumer excitement and brand relevance.

We then worked with the team to optimise and screen the most promising concepts – until non-alcoholic cocktails were identified as the strongest proposition.

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