17 Mar 2015

Channelling Sci-Fi Storytelling

Lowe's the electronics company are channelling custom written Sci-Fi stories to inspire their NPD Read more...
5 Mar 2015

Consumer Co-Creation

Fast-track consumer co-creation circuit. Heathrow, Berlin, Hamburg & home. All within the space of a week.
13 Feb 2015

Ten Ways To Show Your Brand A Little More Love

Isn't it time you showed your brand a little more love? A strong brand equity is at the heart of your brand's success.  We've been having a think about the ten top factors behind the most successful brands Know whatRead More
13 Feb 2015

Creative Incubator Deep in the Heart of Polish Countryside

  We've done workshops in skyscrapers, country mansions, football grounds, olympic rowing facilities ... we've even done a workshop in a castle, but this highly technical workshop at our client's factory in the middle of the Polish countryside was aRead More
13 Feb 2015

Berlin Super-Consumer Co-Creation

Consumer Co-Creation is a fantastic way to build and refine winning concepts wherever you do it, but this group of super-creative young, arty Germans really took the biscuit. The really powerful thing about co-creation is the way you can improveRead More
13 Feb 2015

Yummy New Emmi Chocolate Drinks

Our lovely friends at Emmi have just launched two delicious Choco Lait milk drinks to go alongside their highly successful Caffè Latte range.
13 Feb 2015

The Power of Listening To Consumers

It doesn't matter what the category is, you never waste your time listening to consumers.  Whether its classic consumer groups, co-creation, speed-dating or in-home safaris, it never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn. These were just prettyRead More
13 Feb 2015

Who’d be a dog?

Another crazy-busy day for the Brand Development labradors!