Crafting Great Ideas into Winning Innovation Concepts

Too many NPD ideas fail in concept tests!

So, when you’ve got a new product idea you believe in … you need to craft it into a concept that’ll do it justice in research.

We’ve helped clients deliver some of the highest innovation concept scores they have ever achieved.

  • Delivering 7 winning NPD concepts out 15 concept screened
  • Delivering a 93% innovation concept viability score in a Bases SnapShot!

Discover how we can deliver equally impressive results for you …

1) Interrogate: We’ll stretch your thinking

Every great concept starts with a relevant and engaging insight.

This needs to resonate with one of your target-audience’s fundamental drivers, connect with one of their unmet needs AND be crafted in a language they will recognise as their own.  The reaction you’re looking for is: “I could have said that!”

We’ll help you re-examine what you already know, gather fresh insight (if you need it) and stretch your thinking to maximise your idea’s relevance.

Then we’ll help you craft this into the fabric of your concept … so it gets winning relevance scores!

2) Craft: Bring it to life

The next step is to integrate your idea’s attributes, benefits and RTBs … into the building blocks of a compelling concept

We’ll start by ‘interrogating’ you to find out what’s truly new and different about your idea.  Discovering why it meets your consumers’ needs better than anything before.

It’s not easy, but it’s crucial, if you want to achieve the PI and uniqueness scores a winning concept needs!

3) Challenge: Perfecting your Storytelling

Then we’ll use structured narrative-creation tools to help you map all the elements of your idea and make certain the insights, benefits, RTBs all add up to a coherent story.

And because we’re huge believers in the ‘experimental’ approach to innovation, we’ll craft your idea into a series of equally compelling, but nonetheless discrete and distinctive starter-concepts …

This is where our talented creative team’s visual-storytelling skills come in … to bring them to life!

4) Co-Create: Getting all the elements 100% right!

Now it’s time to bring on consumer co-creation …

Only by exposing your ‘fledgling’ concepts to the ‘cynical-eye’ of your potential consumer, will you correct the tiny  flaws that might otherwise ‘bring them down’ in quant assessment tools like BASES.

Our Planners work hard to generate a lively & inspiring collaborative environment where eloquent, intelligent and imaginative Super-Consumers work face-to-face with our Catalysts & your team.  We will jointly deconstruct the starter-concepts and then re-create and evolve the most promising options into relevant, motivating and compelling solutions.

Every step in the co-creation process maximises consumer and team engagement.

It’s a great way of prioritising your strongest ideas and making sure they are presented in accessible consumer language … that will win in quant!

Delivering winners in Quant

We’ve already generated winning results for a number of global FMCG businesses … and our agile-concept building workshops and co-creators probably cost less than you imagine!  So, why not find out what we could do for you?

If you’d like to know more about our thinking on creating the perfect concept, or have a pressing concept creation challenge why not get in touch today? to find out how we might help you turn your cool ideas into winning concepts?   Give us a call on +44 1491 411272, or connect with David or Joanna via LinkedIn.

We custom-build solutions for every client – so they deliver brilliant results every time!