How Big Could It Be?

When you’re looking at a deal, the financials are often pretty clear.  But they seldom give you much insight into what your really investing in. The target business’s potential!

The insights you really need are into the business’s strengths and weaknesses, its reputation and its potential to grow.  Unfortunately, you can’t get those from the balance sheet.

We can help you gain those key insights you need – to give your next investment proposal the edge!

How We Can Help!

Strengths & Weaknesses?

Groups, face to face interviews and online quali can help you assess the strength of their fundamental proposition.

We can then use online-quant to help you put firm numbers onto that assessment.

Consumer Reputation

Your target business’s strongest asset is its consumer-base. How strongly do they feel about the proposition and how loyal are they?

We can then use NPS measures to evaluate loyalty and benchmark against other businesses.

Proposition Potential

The most useful question we can help you answer is: ‘how big can it become’!

Using proven quanti-concept-testing tools, we can give you a quick, cost effective feel for the business’s growth potential.

Why Work With Us?

Our team has a proven track record of gathering insights, planning differentiating strategy and delivering successful innovation for clients like Danone, Heinz, Mars and Unilever.

We have a flexible, collaborative style and use a variety of lean and agile processes – that mean we can deliver high-quality outputs incredibly fast

We’ve also got a proven track record of working with clients like Heinz and Glanbia on how they could add-value to potential acquisition targets – and venture capitalists like NVM and Oakley on deal evaluation.

When Do We Start?

If you’re working on a consumer or business to business investment proposal and would like to gather game-changing insights get in touch today, give us a call on +44 1491 411272, or connect with David or Joanna via LinkedIn

We have consultants working in UK, USA and most major European markets and custom-build solutions for every client – that deliver brilliant results!

If you’d like more information about trend-powered or insight-fuelled projects we have completed for our clients – check them out here

And if you’d like more information about gathering actionable insights, generating breakthrough ideas or crafting compelling concepts – just follow the relevant links.