Helping Clipper Teas Regain Their Storytelling Edge

Our long-time clients at Ecotone asked us to help them re-focus their product-range & revitalise the storytelling around their Clipper Tea brand.

We crafted a process that would quickly and cost effectively identify their differentiating benefits & reasons-to-believe.

The Challenge

There are almost too many good things about the Clipper Tea brand

  • All their teas are delicious – made with the best quality ingredients
  • They’re all organically grown – with no pesticides
  • They’re all fair trade certified – and actively support 114,000 producers & their families
  • They use differentiating technology – like bubbles to decaffeinate rather than chemicals
  • And they’re also highly competitively priced!

So, where to start?

Our Agile, Deep-Dive Process

The new marketing campaign is based on deep-insights into consumers’ underlying values and brand-evaluation mechanics.

We gained and explored this insight in three crucial steps.

#1: Interactions

Our first stage was to ‘get inside consumers heads’ and gain a deep understanding of how & why they made their brand-choice decisions at point of purchase.

We learned that whilst the brand was frequently cheaper than its competition – its many benefits were largely invisible.

# 2: Brainstorming

Having identified the barriers & drivers to purchase, our second stage was to convene a multidisciplinary creative workshop with our client’s team.

Immersive exercises & creative brainstorms led to the identification of a bank of potential storytelling platforms.

# 3:  Co-Creation

Finally, we took the most promising concepts into consumer co-creation, where a mix of structured evaluation & creative tools quickly identified the most engaging.

Whilst, predictably, consumers wanted ‘everything’ – great taste & fair-trade values that encourage biodiversity were key!

The Activation

Compelling New Comms – That Build On Our Learnings

Building on our learnings, Clipper have anchored the proposition in the concept of: There’s Tea, Then There’s Good Tea.

The campaign aims to communicate that it takes more than just taste to make good tea – “It also takes ethical and sustainable sourcing, natural ingredients and a fierce commitment to protect biodiversity to make a truly good cuppa”.

Recognising the need to disrupt category expectations, Clipper have created a new TV ad that features a dancing bird & song that communicates these benefits in a catchy, compelling & memorable way.

Fully Integrated Storytelling – That Brings The Brand’s Differentiating Benefits to Life at Point of Purchase

Best of all, the the ‘goodness’ theme is being carried right through to the, all important, point of purchase.

The brand team are rapidly rolling out both ‘bird’ branded packaging to reinforce the message and eco-themed on-pack activity to bring the back-to-nature / conservation theme to life.

Winning solution – delivered quickly and cost effectively

The Clipper team had big ambitions, but limited budget and even more limited time.

Our lean, agile process delivered actionable insights, disruptive ideas and winning solutions – within budget and in under 9 weeks!

Unlocking Brand Equity or Disrupting New Categories?

Whether you are aiming to make your brand fitter, or build a healthy innovation pipeline – we’ve got the tools & skills you need:

  • Analytics & Insighting: To identify drivers, barriers & white-space opportunities.
  • Analysis & Strategy:  To unlock your brand’s equity & growth potential.
  • Brainstorming & Concepting:  To disrupt expectations & turn fresh ideas into compelling concepts.
  • Qual & Quant Co-Creation:  To fine-tune thinking & optimise your propositions.

Time To Kick-Start Growth?

Hopefully we’ve given you a taste of what’s possible – now, let’s explore how we can help you deliver …

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