Helping Emmi Revive Caffè Latte

Long-term client Emmi Group asked us to help them accelerate their Caffè Latte brand.

Our joint aim was to create a brand positioning that was relevant, motivating and differentiating for a new generation of iced coffee drinkers.  Their recent relaunch shows they have well and truly delivered on their objective.

Our Fast-Track, Agile Process

The new pack designs, product development and marketing campaign are all based on deep insight into the lives and needs of their target consumers.

We gained and explored this insight in three crucial steps.

#1:  Online Ethnography

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the lives of target consumers.

We conducted online ethnography in which we observed, chatted with and watched our consumers as they went about their everyday lives and crucially when they stopped for a quick drink or little treat.

#2: Concept Incubator

Next, we met as a cross-functional team in a creative workshop and explored our new insight and what it could mean for the brand.

Immersive exercises and creative brainstorms helped us dig deeper and gain greater understanding.  This led to the creation of a spectrum of positioning platforms.

#3:  Consumer Co-Creation

Finally, we took these new ideas to consumers in co-creation groups.  Exploring, evaluating, and building these ideas helped us understand which were the most engaging and likely to drive penetration and frequency.

From 4 x 2.5 hour co-creators we crafted a winning proposition and design brief.

The Activation

The Emmi team have done a great job in bringing the most successful positioning to life with eye-catching new packaging, motivating new product development and a great campaign

Tempting new pack designs – that build on our learnings

Our fresh insight and consumer feedback suggested that the pack needed to hero the flavour, drive taste appeal and reinforce coffee credentials within a fun and vibrant design.

The new pack ticks all these boxes.

An engaging new brand proposition – that delivers the benefits Emmi Caffè Latte’s target consumers seek

Our exploration of consumers’ needs unearthed the insight that whilst consumers considered a chilled coffee a treat, they rejected the language of ‘treating’ as it implied overindulgence.

‘That deserves an Emmi’ perfectly captures the sentiment and creates a sense of permission to enjoy.

Unlocking Brand Equity or Disrupting New Categories?

Whether you are aiming to make your brand fitter, or build a healthy innovation pipeline – we’ve got the tools & skills you need:

  • Analytics & Insighting: To identify drivers, barriers & white-space opportunities.
  • Analysis & Strategy:  To unlock your brand’s equity & growth potential.
  • Brainstorming & Concepting:  To disrupt expectations & turn fresh ideas into compelling concepts.
  • Qual & Quant Co-Creation:  To fine-tune thinking & optimise your propositions.

Time To Kick-Start Growth?

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