Helping GPN restore Optimum Nutrition’s Global ‘Edge’

Glanbia Performance Nutrition’s Optimum Nutrition is the world’s best selling sports-nutrition brand.

It’s sold in over 100 markets around the world.

However, after 35 years as the world’s leading brand, Optimum Nutrition had begun to lose its clarity and edge.

When there are economic headwinds, premium brands cannot afford to be ‘off their game’…

There was clearly an urgent need for an programme to both re-focus the brand’s connection with its target users – and ‘sharpen’ its proposition.

A Complex Challenge – But An Agile Solution …

We were asked to help the Optimum Nutrition team unlock insights about consumers’ motivations for exercising, their relationships with sports-nutrition products and to pinpoint the claims & proofs that would drive a greater emotional engagement with the brand.

The Challenge

There’s a huge range of Optimum Nutrition products – spanning everything from whey powders & energy drinks to protein bars & multi-vitamins.

The brand targets consumers from competitive bodybuilders to keep-fitters across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

There are potentially as many, highly-compelling claims & proofs – as there are product SKUs within the range.

Our Approach

We worked with GPN’s global team to identify three key markets, USA, UK and India, where we could gather relevant insights – then co-create propositions.

The first-stage of our agile, insight-gathering process was online ethnography – to start ‘getting inside our target consumers’ heads’.

The second-stage was dyad-interviews, on Zoom, to co-create brand beliefs, propositions and claims .

Compelling Learnings – Winning Solution …


Each consumer segment has very different personal goals …

Their training programmes couldn’t be more different …


But they all want to optimise their personal performance!


Whilst Optimum Nutrition is universally admired as a brand …

It’s often seen as aloof & distant … a brand for others, not me.


Many respondents felt the category wasn’t talking to people like them!


Even though many people were regularly using sports-nutrition …

Few perceived much difference between brands … or understood the critical ‘edge’ the best could give.


We revealed a huge opportunity to explain how the right sports-nutrition can amplify & enhance human effort!


Despite all the many differences between all the people we met …

We discovered a compelling & powerful, unifying thread …


They were all on a journey towards ‘the best possible version of me’ … and the right sports-nutrition could help!

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