We Helped Kallo Regain Its Voice

Kallo is a brilliant brand.

It’s highly relevant for our times:  wholesome, natural, organic, primarily plant-based and mostly vegetarian.

Yet, over the years, it had lost its clarity of vision and communication.

How We Helped

Collaborating with the Wessanen team and Fold Seven, their comms partner, we used a combination of virtual groups and online, super-consumer co-creation to help them reconnect with the brand’s core values and identify a confident and relevant new messaging strategy.  It launched in January and is already helping Kallo communicate in a compelling new tone-of-voice – capable of engaging a fresh generation of increasingly flexitarian consumers.

Confident & Relevant

Kallo’s ‘better by nature’ proposition embraces both the vege and non-vege elements of the portfolio – and has equal relevance within culinary and snacking categories, but clearly differentiates the brand from competitors like OXO, Knorr and Snack-a-Jacks.

Can We Help You Focus Your Brand & Regain Its Voice?

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Virtual Insight Gathering

Digital safaris, mobile ethnography, virtual groups and online communities – we’ve got the tools and skills you need to uncover inspiring and actionable insights.

Online Consumer Co-Creation

We can also help you generate and craft compelling, differentiating propositions – then co-create and optimise them into winners with super-consumers in online.

We Can Help!

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