Helping Kallø Unlock Category Growth

The Kallø brand has carved a significant niche in the healthy snacking market – based on its brand promise ‘Better by Nature’

None of the Kallø products compromise on taste – but they’re all made with organic ingredients, with no added MSG or artificial additives.

In 2020 we’d helped the Kallø team identify their Better by Nature brand promise – so it was only natural that in 2022 they asked us to help them build a healthy pipeline of innovation concepts that stretches the brand beyond its heartland of Rice Cakes, light-meals & ‘topping’.

# 1: Data Analytics

Our team mined existing client data & analysed Google search behaviour to identify & map relevant trends and emerging consumer needs

# 2: Online Ethnography

We observed & interacted with consumers for a week online to gain insights into their existing consumption behaviours and identify drivers & barriers to usage

# 3: In-Store Experience

We then accompanied them on retail safaris to understand how they segment & navigate the category whilst on live shopping trips online & in store

# 4: Brainstorming

We then brainstormed formats with the Kallø team, nutritionists & super-foodies that addressed emerging & unsatisfied consumer needs.

# 5: Concepting

Our creatives leveraged the insights we’d uncovered to craft the most disruptive ideas into compelling consumer-facing concepts.

# 6: Consumer Co-Creation

Finally, consumers crafted their own ‘ultimate’ solutions using our starter-concepts & physical samples to fuel their creativity.

Untapped Moments, Compelling Benefits & On-Trend Ingredients

The first product from the pipeline of concepts is Kallø Veggie Thins.

They deliver highly-relevant benefits to ‘healthy eaters’ who are seeking to reduce their bread-consumption … and leverage the plant-based trend, without becoming overly-worthy.

The Kallø team have cleverly balanced wholesome ‘veggie’ ingredients like chickpeas – with crowd-pleasing flavours to create a perfect snack & light meal solution – accessing previously untapped moments, including: Dipping and Nibbling.

Unlocking Brand Equity or Disrupting New Categories?

Whether you are aiming to make your brand fitter, or build a healthy innovation pipeline – we’ve got the tools & skills you need:

  • Analytics & Insighting: To identify drivers, barriers & white-space opportunities.
  • Analysis & Strategy:  To unlock your brand’s equity & growth potential.
  • Brainstorming & Concepting:  To disrupt expectations & turn fresh ideas into compelling concepts.
  • Qual & Quant Co-Creation:  To fine-tune thinking & optimise your propositions.

Time To Kick-Start Growth?

Hopefully we’ve given you a taste of what’s possible – now, let’s explore how we can help you deliver …

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