Yollies, the new sister brand to Cheestrings that we helped Kerry's Dairy Marketing Team create, has just been awarded RoI New Product of the Year

Cheestrings has become a major brand for Kerry and they were understandably keen to explore opportunities for stretching it into other areas of the lunchbox.

Given their technical expertise, yogurt seemed a promising place to start.

Our involvement began after a brainstorm – during which the Kerry team generated a mass of starter NPD ideas.

The ideas were prioritised – and a sweet, yogurt snack to rival Frubes identified as most promising.

It rapidly became apparent that consumers were really engaged by the idea – but couldn’t get their heads around the idea of solid yogurt!

We needed to help them create a killer concept …

We’ve found Co-creation Incubators with Super Consumers to be an unbeatable way to create winning concepts – so that’s what we recommended …

We planned three, fast-track incubations where the Kerry team & our Catalysts worked with highly creative, highly articulate Super-Consumer mums:

  • One to prioritise the strongest concepts,
  • One to optimise the products
  • One to perfect the branding …

During the first Incubator, the team deconstructed the starter ideas to identify their individual strengths & barriers – before re-working the most promising into relevant, motivating, fully-formed concepts.

It quickly became apparent consumers loved idea of a solid yogurt-on-a-stick … they were finding the idea “a bit weird”.

During the second co-creation session the team focused on overcoming the communication barriers … and how we could pack the product with personality …

The final, critical consumer co-creation stage was working with Kerry & their design and advertising agencies to explore how Yollies could be integrated into the Cheestrings brand story.

We’re thrilled to have played a part of the Yollies success story … especially now it has won New Product of The Year 2015 at the All Ireland Marketing Awards.

But it’s by no means the only time we’ve used Consumer Co-Creation Incubators with such brilliant success.  We’ve helped the Arla & Kellogg’s teams deliver some of their highest scoring concepts ever!

Why not discover how our co-creation tools could turn your ideas into killer concepts too?