MaltEaster Bunny has become one of Easter's stars!

Mars’ challenge was to disrupt the Cadbury Creme Egg’s dominance of the Easter self-indulgence market.

It was clear that a simple me-too just wasn’t going to cut it.

We worked with Mars’ Seasonals team on every step of the Bunny’s creation process from deconstructing the Cadbury Creme Egg’s success model, through positioning, concept creation, product design to naming.

Once the Bunny was firmly established as a winner, we subsequently workshopped & co-created with the team to generate the Mini-Bunny sharing-format and Christmas range extensions.

The client set a clear challenge – which our decoding, ethnography and co-creation skills were ideally placed to unlock!

We’d love to share the full case history with you … are you ready to invest half-an-hour to find out how we could help you crack our own innovation ‘egg’?