Premier Foods – Protein Pots

Crafting and co-creating innovation concepts into winners




Yet another brilliant launch from the innovation pipeline generated during our recent project for Premier foods.

Premier had spotted protein was a ‘hot issue’ in snacking … and identified it as a potential disrupter to their Batchelors snack soup and noodle business.

They’d generated a bunch of strong ideas for products that leveraged protein’s acknowledged ability to help consumers feel ‘fuller for longer’ … but were struggling to turn them into strong concepts because of EFSA’s embargo on manufacturers leveraging this highly motivating claim.

We loved the challenge.

We have a proven track record of turning strong, but challenging, concepts like Kerry’s Yollies into commercially successful new product concepts so we weren’t daunted!

Using our proven five step process for crafting compelling ideas and co-creating them into winners we identified relevant insights, motivating benefits and compelling claims & RTB’s.

Then we carefully crafted them into brief and highly-visual concepts … before working with highly intelligent and creative ‘super-consumers’ to hone them into winners that got ‘green lights’ all the way in quant concept testing!

If this case-history has inspired you, and you have similar challenges where our insight, ideation and concept co-creation skills might add value for you – we’d love to hear from you!