We’ve Helped Britvic Revitalise Purdey’s

Even before the pandemic hit in 2020, the functional wellness segment was one of the most buoyant parts of the soft drinks category.

But Britvic were convinced it has potential to grow still further – if we could help them unlock the full power of their Purdey’s brand.

We’re very excited to have helped them: unlock the insights they needed, optimise the brand proposition and generate innovation concepts that satisfy unmet consumer needs.

Building on Strength

Purdey’s dates back to 1988 when it was invented by the legendary David Gluckman and launched by IDV.

It was the original Herbal MultiVitamin drink – with the bold claim “Elixir Vitae’ or ‘elixir of life’.

After a number of eventful decades, the brand was acquired by Britvic and relaunched into the natural energy space.

Purdey’s has already grown 70% and added £3.5m to the soft drink category over the last four years, but Britvic were convinced more was possible.

Founded In Insight

Consumers have lots of diverse health needs, but tiredness and stress are amongst the most front of mind.

However, consumers are increasingly wary of the highly caffeinated, synthetic solutions they’ve been using to address these problems – so are actively seeking gentler, more body-friendly solutions that will help them ‘be at their best’.

Unleashing Team Creativity

Rigorous Preparation

Brand Development planners and consultants worked closely with the Britvic team to rewind existing data, identify Best in Class and Standard of Excellence inspiration and spot relevant technical enablers

Agile, Fast Track Process

To maximise team engagement throughout, all interactions took the form of micro-workshops.

High-Energy Workshop

Building on the consumer, competitor and science insights unlocked, our moderators planned, prepared and executed a high-energy creative workshop structured around seven creative platforms to really stimulate team brainpower.

The team really threw themselves into the challenge and generated over 40 concepts and hundreds of starter ideas.

Crafting Winning Concepts

Stretching Stimulus

Consumer co-creation can be a powerful tool for crafting and optimising super-successful concepts – but it is only as good as the stimulus consumers have to work with. So our team worked closely with Britvic’s to bring their conceptual thinking to life and create stimulus that would get the most out of our super-consumers.

Not only did we develop copy and pack visuals for each of the 20 concepts we progressed; we also developed extensive banks of: benefit claims, active ingredients, alternative flavour options and storytelling visuals – to stretch consumers’ thinking – and give them everything they needed to build their own personal perfect solutions.

Super-Consumer Co-Creation

After a series of co-creation sessions with bright, articulate, busy, highly-social, millennial super-consumers we had a clear understanding of how Purdey’s could help them reconnect with their ‘best versions of themselves’.

Compelling New Proposition & Benefits

Differentiating Strategy

It was clear that our millennial targets were highly engaged by a product solution that helped them deal with their tiredness, lack of focus and stress – in a more gentle, natural and body-friendly way and the strategic mission of ‘harnessing the power of nature to help Restore their wellbeing’ was born…

Relevant Proposition Renovation

Purdey’s core SKU Rejuvenate has been complete redesigned with its functional benefits and great flavour further highlighted to help make wellness more accessible for consumers.

Compelling Innovation

Based on project learnings, Rejuvenate has been supplemented with two new flavours – each with a compelling and relevant functional benefit to help consumers Refocus their minds and Replenish their natural balance

Happy Client

“David and his team brought the perfect combination of skills to help us with this work: strong, intelligent, strategic thinking which helped us wrestle with a few more complicated questions; some great consumer input based on co-creation workshops – and also a genuine interest and passion around the project & really collaborative approach. All of this led to an enjoyable project which gave us clear direction at the end & which we have since translated into a brand refresh and new product launch.”

Senior Insight Manager, Britvic.

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