12 Jun 2018

Create brilliant innovation concepts!

Generating strong new product ideas is seldom a problem (at least not if you brainstorm with us!).  But evolving those ideas into outstanding innovation concepts can be a real challenge. We’ve identified five factors that seem to separate average conceptsRead More
21 May 2018

12 Powerful New Insight Gathering Tools

Without great consumer insights, it's virtually impossible to deliver marketing success. But how will you deliver the 'game-changing insights' your business needs? Classic research groups work fine, but they don't get you deep inside your consumers' lives or deep insideRead More
30 Jan 2018

Optimisation, Renovation or Innovation?

Everyone recognises the need to grow their business in 2018. But which strategy would be best for your business: Should you play it safe and go for optimisation? Should you invest in core renovation? Or should you bet big –Read More
1 Nov 2016

Premier Launches Batchelors’ Protein Pots

It's very exciting to see yet another launch from our lovely clients at Premier Foods. Designed to capitalise on the consumers' demand for quick, convenient, high-protein snacks and light-meals Batchelors' microwaveable ambient protein pots turn wholesome, high-protein beans and pulsesRead More
23 Dec 2015

Classic idea + new perspective

Once the territory of cheap chocolate and hyperactive children, advent calendars have evolved into something a bit more sophisticated. Today’s new offerings target a range of ages, interests and wallet sizes with an overwhelming array of calendars tailored to a new adult audience.Read More
The Year Of Trickle Up, Or Good-Enough Innovation
18 Dec 2009

The Year Of Trickle Up, Or Good-Enough Innovation

According to Business Week, 2009 was the year when innovators either cut-back on their innovation effort, or discovered "Trickle Up" innovation.  I think there is a lot of truth in this.  We certainly worked on a number of projects inRead More
Top Ten Gadgets That Defined The Decade
15 Dec 2009

Top Ten Gadgets That Defined The Decade

The Saturday Telegraph published a nice list of their top ten technology gadgets that they reckon defined the last decade. They include: The iPod (2001), Sky + (2001), the USB Stick (2000), Nintendo Wii (2006), Blackberry (2002), Tom Tom GoRead More