9 Oct 2018

Gaining Insights into Kids’ World

What do kids love? What will mums buy? We've been using Ethnography, Safaris and Co-Creation groups with Mums and their Kids to understand what makes a kid's brand cool and what makes it into a winner with mums too! Who'dRead More
21 Dec 2015

Yollies win even more awards!

Some innovation projects are obvious winners from the outset, others require a bit more vision and commitment. We loved working with the fabulous Kerry Dairies teamĀ on the Yollies project as they had all the vision and commitment we could possiblyRead More
1 Dec 2015

Watch out Nutella!

There aren't many kids that don't love Nutella on their bread, but now kids in Japan will be able to have slices of ready-cut and pre-packedĀ chocolate! Bourbon have started to sell soft and intense chocolate slices packaged like Kraft CheeseRead More