1 Dec 2019

Why Constraints are Good for Innovation

  It's well worth while checking out this Harvard Business Review post form Chris Stein HBR: Why Constraints Are Good for Innovation He argues that managers innovate better when they embrace the constraints within which they are operating. This reallyRead More
12 Jun 2018

Create brilliant innovation concepts!

Generating strong new product ideas is seldom a problem (at least not if you brainstorm with us!).  But evolving those ideas into outstanding innovation concepts can be a real challenge. We’ve identified five factors that seem to separate average conceptsRead More
13 Mar 2018

Growth Building Block #3: Innovation

80% of innovations fail. So, innovation is all about making big bets - in the expectation of gaining big rewards. But that risk of failure can be significantly reduced - if you follow the right approach Equity-stretch innovation allows youRead More
2 Mar 2018

What’s a Rubber Chicken got to do with creativity?

Creativity has been defined as 'making inspired connections': Connections between unmet consumer needs ... and business capabilities Connections between materials functionality ... and practical challenges Even connections between product attributes ... and consumer beliefs Creative ideation workshops can be aRead More
1 Nov 2016

Premier Launches Batchelors’ Protein Pots

It's very exciting to see yet another launch from our lovely clients at Premier Foods. Designed to capitalise on the consumers' demand for quick, convenient, high-protein snacks and light-meals Batchelors' microwaveable ambient protein pots turn wholesome, high-protein beans and pulsesRead More
22 Mar 2016

Easter egg hunting

It's now less than a week until Easter and it's been a vintage year for new offerings Easter's such a fun and chocolaty time that the potential for innovation is huge.  It's a time when brands can really play and consumersRead More
8 Mar 2016

The rise of Hemp

One of the more 'out there' predictions for 2016 seemed at first sight to be the suggestion that this could be the year cannabis goes mainstream. The Speciality Food Association included 'culinary cannabis' in a recent trends piece, reporting that marijuana isRead More
19 Jan 2016

Evolving wearable tech with empathy

We were intrigued to see that Iris Apfell, the 94-year old grand dame of fashion, has released a range of 'Wisewear' wearable tech jewellery. The self-proclaimed 'geriatric starlet' has created a collection of pieces that monitor the wearer's activity and sleep,Read More
14 Jan 2016

Colour me creative

We're always on the look-out for fresh, new creativity tools. Adult colouring books were one of the biggest publishing trend of 2015, with hundreds of new books published and millions sold. The books are an entirely new publishing genre, whereRead More