19 Mar 2019

Insight Tools That Drive Innovation

Some innovations come out of the blue, but the vast majority are based on disruptive, actionable insights that unlock fresh perspectives into unsatisfied consumer needs. But uncovering those disruptive, actionable insights can be incredibly challenging ... The good news? ThereRead More
9 Nov 2018

Getting Inside Moscow Millennials’ heads

What's it like being a Millennial in Putin's Russia How similar / different is the Millennial experience to that of Millennials in the West How do Russian Millennials define their sense of style What do they aspire to - andRead More
9 Nov 2018

What’s Gen-Z All About?

They're under 20 ... They're digital natives ... But what else makes Gen Z cohort different from Millennials? We recruited a community of 16 x 16-20 year olds to meet one of our clients European insight and marketing team -Read More
9 Oct 2018

Gaining Insights into Kids’ World

What do kids love? What will mums buy? We've been using Ethnography, Safaris and Co-Creation groups with Mums and their Kids to understand what makes a kid's brand cool and what makes it into a winner with mums too! Who'dRead More
9 Sep 2018

Child’s Play?

We've been having brilliant fun all summer working with the lovely team at Hipp Organic getting to understand the views of millennial mums.
9 Jun 2018

Deliciously Gü-ey Insights

We've been having great fun unlocking the loves and hates of Britain's Millennial chocolate pud eaters. What triggers consumption, what barriers exist, what they love and what would make it better? It's great to have the chance to get reallyRead More
21 May 2018

12 Powerful New Insight Gathering Tools

Without great consumer insights, it's virtually impossible to deliver marketing success. But how will you deliver the 'game-changing insights' your business needs? Classic research groups work fine, but they don't get you deep inside your consumers' lives or deep insideRead More
13 Mar 2018

Growth Building Block #3: Innovation

80% of innovations fail. So, innovation is all about making big bets - in the expectation of gaining big rewards. But that risk of failure can be significantly reduced - if you follow the right approach Equity-stretch innovation allows youRead More
14 Nov 2017

Why do fewer than 25% of new product launches succeed?

It’s an established fact that 75-80% of new product launches fail   Based on Nielsen’s data, 99% fail deliver more than €10m sales in year one!   Yet NPD is still a critical component for any company seeking to deliverRead More
2 Nov 2017

Generating breakthrough innovation from consumer connects

Have you ever wondered why entrepreneurs so frequently come up with the breakthrough innovations that elude bigger, better funded, more established market-players? We have a theory.  It's that they frequently have a better, more empathetic understanding of what the beneficiaryRead More