9 Nov 2018

Getting Inside Moscow Millennials’ heads

What's it like being a Millennial in Putin's Russia How similar / different is the Millennial experience to that of Millennials in the West How do Russian Millennials define their sense of style What do they aspire to - andRead More
9 Oct 2018

Gaining Insights into Kids’ World

What do kids love? What will mums buy? We've been using Ethnography, Safaris and Co-Creation groups with Mums and their Kids to understand what makes a kid's brand cool and what makes it into a winner with mums too! Who'dRead More
2 Nov 2017

Generating breakthrough innovation from consumer connects

Have you ever wondered why entrepreneurs so frequently come up with the breakthrough innovations that elude bigger, better funded, more established market-players? We have a theory.  It's that they frequently have a better, more empathetic understanding of what the beneficiaryRead More