Harnessing Team Brain-Power to Accelerate Growth

Your team is your greatest asset when it comes to delivering the growth in this rapidly-changing, ultra-competitive economic climate.

They can help you solve problems, generate ideas and make things happen.  Well planned and well executed workshops can be your secret-weapon!

What’s Your Growth Challenge?

What is the challenge that’s holding back your business growth?

  • Disruptive Strategy? Need to get beyond tactics and work out how to refocus your ways-of-winning?
  • New Product Ideas?  Need to build a pipeline of breakthrough new product ideas or business solutions?
  • Brand Renovation: Looking to revitalise and refresh and existing brand to extract maximum value?
  • Brand Stretch: Looking to build on your core brand equity and add new value streams?
  • Concept Building?  Got cool ideas, but need to craft them into consumer winners?
  • Concept Rescue?  Got a promising idea, but can’t get the research results you need to proceed?

Small-Team, Ultra-Creative or Agile Consumer Co-Creation?

Workshops can help you achieve strategic team alignment, harness team problem-solving, unleash team creativity, gain team commitment and even accelerate agile-implementation … but which workshop framework is right for your challenge?

We’ll help you choose the right format, plan the right structure and deliver a solution that’ll unlock growth!

Strategic Incubator

Small team, moderated workshops can be the perfect format for strategic problem solving, concept crafting or even building action-based brand implementation plans.

Creative Hot-House

Multi-disciplinary creative hot-houses are a brilliant way of harnessing the brainpower of your team and expert witnesses to generate disruptive and creative new solutions.


Rapid-recyclers combine the creativity of hot-houses, with the focus of Incubators, but add consumers to evaluate and evolve concepts in real-time – creating the ultimate fast-track solution

What Makes Our Workshops Different?

We recognise that bringing a team together for a creative workshop is a major investment – consequently we make them work hard!

We make sure we know exactly what you’re seeking to achieve – and focus everything on delivering your objective.

We carefully balance fun and creativity, with focus and cerebral challenge to create a workshop plan filled with tools, techniques, energisers and mental stimulation you need to get the best out of your team.

Everything we do is driven by six proven principles of great brainstorming.

We never lose sight of the objective – to get your the growth solutions you need!

Unlock The Power of Your Team

We custom-build solutions for each and every client – and can help you deliver incubator, hot-house and recycler solutions almost anywhere in the world!

If you’d like to explore how we could help you unlock your team’s brainpower, please get in touch, give us a call on +44 1491 411272, or connect with David or Joanna via LinkedIn.