Agile Insight Gathering – Virtually

Great innovation requires great insights.

They need to be both ‘actionable’ and ‘inspiring’ – for innovators to gain maximum benefit.

Historically we have used a mix of face-to-face and online tools to gather and unlock them, but CV-19 has changed all that.

After a year of unprecedented ‘tech-celeration’ – we’ve learned to love digital!

By partnering with the best, and fully embracing what their technologies can offer, we’ve been delighted to discover we can deliver insights that are actionable and inspiring – even faster and more cost-effectively than before …


We’ve discovered that, when you’ve got great moderators, it’s easy to uncover almost too many insights!

The trick is to spot and prioritise the insights that will help you work out what’s really going on – and – which contains the ‘tension’ that tells you how to move forwards.


The other defining element of a great insight is the ‘call to action’ that will inspire your team’s creativity and passion to make your consumers’ lives better.

Our analysts aim to capture the essence and reframe them into creative springboards to inspire and fuel your innovation programme.

Six Powerful Virtual Tools

As we start to edge towards the ‘new normal’ – we’ve got the virtual technology, moderation skills and analytics tools that you need to anticipate, innovate and react!

# 1 What’s The Status Quo?

By observing and interrogating your consumers’ actions, it’s often possible to spot ways of enhancing their lives

Online ethnography brings together structured questioning, stream-of-consciousness and video-tasks to build a rich understanding of consumers’ everyday lives & rituals.

Why:  Unbeatable way to gather clues about your consumers’ behaviours, needs and challenges.

# 2 How Do They Live?

Digital Safaris give us the chance to see how your consumer lives and how they use your products.

Virtually ‘visiting’ the ‘in-use’ environment gives you unrivalled access to consumers’ homes, workplaces and social spaces –  to spot in-use pain and pleasure points

Why:  See what you consumers do, when, where and why – but best of all – plot their pain points!

# 3 What Do They Love?

One-on-one Think-Piece or Review videos help us unlock what your consumers really think and feel

Consumers share their best-ever and worst-ever experiences of your products or services as deep, rich, emotional ‘personal experience reviews’.

Why: Rich emotive insights into how your consumers really feel about their challenges and current solutions.

# 4 What Do They Think?

Virtual consumer groups can be every bit as productive as face-to-face sessions when you choose the right platform and moderator

Super-consumer mini-groups are a quick, cost effective way to get a feel for what your target consumers think.  We can even sample multiple geographies in one session!

Why:  Unbeatable way to reveal patterns in behaviours and attitudes across your target consumer segments.

# 5 Where Do They Go Online?

Remote screen recording allows you to track how your target consumers react to any website or app – in context and in the moment

Use screen recording to track consumers as they search for information, identify potential best-in-class solutions or undertake shopping missions  – on their mobile devices.

Why:  Rich contextual insights into your consumers’ purchase-journey from trigger and info-gathering to transaction.

# 6 How’s Sentiment Changing?

Online communities give you the chance to observe and interact with your consumers over a number of weeks or months.

Virtual communities facilitate ongoing dialogue with your consumers and let you track how their lives are changing through interactive forums, polls, diaries, and discussions.

Why:  When the world’s changing so fast, communities let you gather insights and track sentiment changes over time.

Getting The Best Out Of Virtual

Whether you need insights to help you shape strategy, inspire innovation or craft brand propositions – the tools are available.

Whatever your challenge, our experienced moderators and incisive analysts will ensure your insights are both actionable and inspiring.

Maybe the next step is for us to talk you through some of our Success-Stories?

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