Brand Development is an integrated team of marketing, planning and creative minds. Our objective is to help you think deeper and see your innovation challenges differently.

No one person could deliver our unique blend of strategic thinking and creativity…but a carefully selected, multidisciplinary team like ours can.

David Goudge

Creative, Moderator

Ex Beecham & Britvic
Warm water diver

Joanna King


Ex-Heinz marketer
Mum of twins
Runner & Rower

Philip Last


Based Lyon
MA Lecturer at Grenoble & Lyon Business Schools

Six core values guide the way we approach every project … regardless of how large or small.

Seeking deep understanding and unexpected insights
Combining freshness and imagination to make unexpected connections
Valuing the contribution of everyone and building on their knowledge
Taking pride in quality and injecting energy and fun into everything
Building our skills and knowledge of leading edge innovation
Putting the client at the heart of the process and going the extra mile

We offer a number of services to help you develop your brand throughout the innovation pipeline.

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