10 Aug 2017

No innovation success … without clear objectives

In the previous 'Innovation brakes' we talked about the importance of getting the innovation team structure right. In this blog we discuss the importance of objective setting. Despite the order of our blogs, it important to set the objective beforeRead More
11 Jul 2017

Fuller’s Frontier partners Time Out

Very exciting to see that Fuller's have chosen to partner with the awesome Time Out magazine to make their Frontier craft lager (that we helped them create and develop) into the Summer taste of London! It's great to see FrontierRead More
3 Jul 2017

Nespresso on Ice – Limited Editions

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We're very excited to see our friends at Nespresso have lunched two limited edition coffee blends to deliver full refreshment and full coffee taste on ice. It was great fun brainstorming with the team back in the Autumn of 2015.  ItRead More
29 Jun 2017

Wrong team structure

The second in our series of 'innovation brakes'...the importance of building the right innovation team. Size is important. Too few team members and it's likely nothing will happen around peoples’ day job commitments. Too many people and you risk death by indecision.Read More
29 Jun 2017

The fear of failure

The best innovations are the ones that we now can't imagine living without, but in a world where 'new' quickly becomes 'same-old', how can a brand avoid the pitfalls of innovation. In this new series of blogs, we take aRead More
29 Jun 2017

Workshop at Twickenham Stadium

Brilliant EPD Claims workshop with the team form RB at the home of English rugby:  Twickenham Stadium Great workshop ... Amazing venue ... Lots of very envious colleagues  
1 Nov 2016

Premier Launches Batchelors’ Protein Pots

It's very exciting to see yet another launch from our lovely clients at Premier Foods. Designed to capitalise on the consumers' demand for quick, convenient, high-protein snacks and light-meals Batchelors' microwaveable ambient protein pots turn wholesome, high-protein beans and pulsesRead More
24 Oct 2016

London Trends Safari

To paraphrase Einstein: If you keep taking inspiration from the same old things, you are bound to come up with the same old ideas! We make huge efforts to ensure our ideation-workshops are packed with stimulus that triggers creative thinking.  OneRead More
21 Oct 2016

Kerry’s Charleville Snackfuls win Great Taste award

It's very exciting to see that our friends at Kerry Foods Ireland have won a well deserved Great Taste award for their Charleville Snackfuls real cheese, cracker & chutney snacks. It's been great to play a small part in theRead More