23 Nov 2018

Co-creating winning innovation concepts

Too many NPD ideas fail in concept tests! So, when you’ve got a new product idea you believe in … you need to craft it into a concept that’ll do it justice in research. We’ve helped clients deliver some of the highestRead More
9 Nov 2018

Getting Inside Moscow Millennials’ heads

What's it like being a Millennial in Putin's Russia How similar / different is the Millennial experience to that of Millennials in the West How do Russian Millennials define their sense of style What do they aspire to - andRead More
9 Nov 2018

What’s Gen-Z All About?

They're under 20 ... They're digital natives ... But what else makes Gen Z cohort different from Millennials? We recruited a community of 16 x 16-20 year olds to meet one of our clients European insight and marketing team -Read More
9 Oct 2018

Gaining Insights into Kids’ World

What do kids love? What will mums buy? We've been using Ethnography, Safaris and Co-Creation groups with Mums and their Kids to understand what makes a kid's brand cool and what makes it into a winner with mums too! Who'dRead More
11 Sep 2018

Naked Skittles!

It's great to see our friends at Mars-Wrigley being so disruptive! They've stripped the sugar-shell off the iconic Skittles format, to create Chewies - a totally new textural experience. Great to see it in stores and read the super-excited postsRead More
9 Sep 2018

Child’s Play?

We've been having brilliant fun all summer working with the lovely team at Hipp Organic getting to understand the views of millennial mums.
15 Aug 2018

Windy City Workshops

Store safaris, workshops and and super-consumer co-creation groups make for a brilliantly steamy two-day trip to Chicago with our favourite sports nutrition client
9 Jul 2018

7 out of 10 Coffee Lovers …

There's nothing more exciting than seeing a project you've worked on coming to fruition... Unless ... it's seeing it as 5 super-sized illuminated posters alongside one of the busiest routes into London. Nice one team Emmi!  
9 Jul 2018

Icelandic Exploration

What's going on?  Why is Iceland, a country of 300K inhabitants, accounting for 30% of European sales? We love a challenge like this! It's even better when it gives us a chance to spend three days in Iceland at midsummerRead More
12 Jun 2018

Create brilliant innovation concepts!

Generating strong new product ideas is seldom a problem (at least not if you brainstorm with us!).  But evolving those ideas into outstanding innovation concepts can be a real challenge. We’ve identified five factors that seem to separate average conceptsRead More