4 Jan 2018

Nine Key Consumer Trends for 2018

If you are tasked with plotting your business’ long-term strategy or innovating the portfolio beyond 2020, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of consumer trends. But with so many forecasts being published every year - this canRead More
18 Dec 2017

Christmas Seasonal Innovation 2017

Whether you call it the Holidays or Christmas, there is no denying that November and December are key months for lots of categories. Retailers pile on the Christmas decorations and emotional TV campaigns, food-manufacturers go into over-drive ... and someRead More
14 Dec 2017

Unlocking the secrets of wellness & wellbeing innovation

Wellness & wellbeing are amongst the hottest trends this year. But innovating wellness & wellbeing isn't easy. We’ve seen lots of concepts crash and burn. So, what does the forward-looking innovator need to know before they can capitalise on theRead More
14 Nov 2017

Why do fewer than 25% of new product launches succeed?

It’s an established fact that 75-80% of new product launches fail   Based on Nielsen’s data, 99% fail deliver more than €10m sales in year one!   Yet NPD is still a critical component for any company seeking to deliverRead More
2 Nov 2017

Generating breakthrough innovation from consumer connects

Have you ever wondered why entrepreneurs so frequently come up with the breakthrough innovations that elude bigger, better funded, more established market-players? We have a theory.  It's that they frequently have a better, more empathetic understanding of what the beneficiaryRead More
30 Oct 2017

Are you ready to ‘take a walk’ in your consumers’ shoes?

Really 'understanding' your consumer is the key to marketing success. Not just a superficial understanding but getting beneath their first responses to probe a their deep motivations, underlying beliefs & principles. This deep, rich, empathetic understanding isn’t always easy toRead More
9 Oct 2017

Where should you be looking for innovation inspiration?

Who should be your 'business model heroes'?  MIT Technology Review have produced a list of the 50 smartest companies in 2017 - based on their combination of innovative technology with an effective business model.  18 are in Silicon Valley, but theRead More