12 Jun 2018

Create brilliant innovation concepts!

Generating strong new product ideas is seldom a problem (at least not if you brainstorm with us!).  But evolving those ideas into outstanding innovation concepts can be a real challenge. We’ve identified five factors that seem to separate average conceptsRead More
21 May 2018

12 Powerful New Insight Gathering Tools

Without great consumer insights, it's virtually impossible to deliver marketing success. But how will you deliver the 'game-changing insights' your business needs? Classic research groups work fine, but they don't get you deep inside your consumers' lives or deep insideRead More
15 May 2018

Four ways to reduce your brand’s plastics footprint!

The tide is turning against single-use plastic. Brands that fail to act will be rejected by consumers. Those that find solutions fast will be seen as heroes! Taking action to reduce your brand’s plastics footprint can feel like a bigRead More
2 May 2018

Innovation and the Plastics Pact

Are your products packed in petro-chemical based plastics? If so, have you considered the implications of the 'plastics pledge' yet? Blue Planet II has forced the problem of ocean pollution and lack of biodegradability into the mainstream 25% of UKRead More
24 Apr 2018

15 Trends Reinventing the Home

Great innovators don’t just keep up to date with existing consumers’ needs … They stay two or three paces ahead of the herd, by anticipating where change will drive expectations tomorrow ... That's why trends are so important! Nowhere is changeRead More
13 Mar 2018

Growth Building Block #3: Innovation

80% of innovations fail. So, innovation is all about making big bets - in the expectation of gaining big rewards. But that risk of failure can be significantly reduced - if you follow the right approach Equity-stretch innovation allows youRead More
13 Mar 2018

Growth Building Block #2: Brand Renovation

There's nothing sadder than a great brand that's beginning to look past its prime. Brand Renovation is all about stripping away the irrelevant, retaining what’s good and evolving what’s left - to optimise your brand’s core values and make themRead More
13 Mar 2018

Growth Building Block #1: Claims Optimisation

Optimisation is all about making sure your product or brand’s core proposition is relevantly differentiated and its reasons-to-believe are expressed in the most compelling ways possible. The objective is to express your product’s fundamental value proposition so clearly, that price-basedRead More
2 Mar 2018

What’s a Rubber Chicken got to do with creativity?

Creativity has been defined as 'making inspired connections': Connections between unmet consumer needs ... and business capabilities Connections between materials functionality ... and practical challenges Even connections between product attributes ... and consumer beliefs Creative ideation workshops can be aRead More