23 Dec 2015

Classic idea + new perspective

Once the territory of cheap chocolate and hyperactive children, advent calendars have evolved into something a bit more sophisticated. Today’s new offerings target a range of ages, interests and wallet sizes with an overwhelming array of calendars tailored to a new adult audience.Read More
21 Dec 2015

Yollies win even more awards!

Some innovation projects are obvious winners from the outset, others require a bit more vision and commitment. We loved working with the fabulous Kerry Dairies team on the Yollies project as they had all the vision and commitment we could possiblyRead More
21 Dec 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December is in full-swing: the tree's up, jaunty festive hats are an option (although generally as a form of torture) and the Christmas ad-campaigns are in full-swing! Great brand-equity building is all about 'storytelling' -  and Christmas ads are a greatRead More
18 Dec 2015

Chobani Goes ‘Phygital’

Chobani is a brand that's proud to claim it was created by social media. It places great emphasis on both posting and monitoring social media activity to stimulate and track brand health. As a result, the launch of its first brick-and-mortarRead More
11 Dec 2015

Wot, no meat?

Today the COP21 climate change talks draw to a close in Paris and the big talking point for foodies and anyone in the food industry has to be the discussion about our meat-eating habits and what responsible meat consumption should look likeRead More
1 Dec 2015

Beazley Wins Lloyd’s Innovation Award

We always get ridiculously excited when one the projects we've worked on makes it to market, so you can imagine how thrilled we were when we heard that our lovely boutique insurance client Beazley had won one of the inauguralRead More
1 Dec 2015

Watch out Nutella!

There aren't many kids that don't love Nutella on their bread, but now kids in Japan will be able to have slices of ready-cut and pre-packed chocolate! Bourbon have started to sell soft and intense chocolate slices packaged like Kraft CheeseRead More