27 Feb 2020

Trend #2: Subscription as a Business Model

Back in January we made our #9 Top Trend Predictions for 2020. Prediction #2 was Retail Becomes Subscription. Our observation was that sustainability-focused consumers are increasingly preferring to rent or swap items, rather than buying them outright. Our evidence wasRead More
24 Feb 2020

Trend # 5: Conspicuous Eco-Action

As 2020 dawned, we made our #9 Top Trend Predictions for the year ahead. Prediction #5 was Conspicuous Eco-Action. In the research groups we've conducted recently, whether they are for babyfood, soft drinks or other FMCG goods, we are seeingRead More
7 Feb 2020

CYT’s O’jos Wins NPOTY

We're very excited that the brilliant team at Concha y Toro UK have won a coveted New Product of the Year Award for their O'jos Wine Spritzer.  Fantastic achievement! Our team helped CyT segment their category, spot unmet need-states, brainstormRead More