29 Jan 2016

Oh, how very Pinteresting…

If you personally don't have a crystal ball, don't despair.  It could just be time to turn to Pinterest as a predictive tool. Pinterest knows what consumers like... In fact, thanks to its impressive bank of user-generated data, Pinterest oftenRead More
20 Jan 2016

The bunnies are back!

It's hard not to feel incredibly proud when we see the MaltEaster Bunnies are heading back into the shops for another year.
19 Jan 2016

Back to the future

Forty years ago, on 21st January 1976 the world of aviation changed for ever.  The supersonic age dawned as two Concordes took off simultaneously from Paris and London.  Everyone assumed it ushered in a new golden age of air travel,Read More
19 Jan 2016

Evolving wearable tech with empathy

We were intrigued to see that Iris Apfell, the 94-year old grand dame of fashion, has released a range of 'Wisewear' wearable tech jewellery. The self-proclaimed 'geriatric starlet' has created a collection of pieces that monitor the wearer's activity and sleep,Read More
14 Jan 2016

Colour me creative

We're always on the look-out for fresh, new creativity tools. Adult colouring books were one of the biggest publishing trend of 2015, with hundreds of new books published and millions sold. The books are an entirely new publishing genre, whereRead More
11 Jan 2016

Bowie: a master of reinvention

Today is a sad day marking the loss of a remarkable man and one of our creative idols. Will Gompertz, the BBC Arts editor, neatly sums up our feelings when he writes that 'David Bowie was the Picasso of pop. HeRead More
6 Jan 2016

Trends for 2016

Happy New Year! January is a perfect time to review the past year, pick up on the key trends from the last 12 months and start thinking about how to use these themes to optimise future innovation. Having absorbed mountains of articles andRead More