23 Nov 2018

Co-creating winning innovation concepts

Too many NPD ideas fail in concept tests! So, when you’ve got a new product idea you believe in … you need to craft it into a concept that’ll do it justice in research. We’ve helped clients deliver some of the highestRead More
9 Nov 2018

Getting Inside Moscow Millennials’ heads

What's it like being a Millennial in Putin's Russia How similar / different is the Millennial experience to that of Millennials in the West How do Russian Millennials define their sense of style What do they aspire to - andRead More
9 Nov 2018

What’s Gen-Z All About?

They're under 20 ... They're digital natives ... But what else makes Gen Z cohort different from Millennials? We recruited a community of 16 x 16-20 year olds to meet one of our clients European insight and marketing team -Read More