Trend #2: Subscription as a Business Model
27 Feb 2020

Trend #2: Subscription as a Business Model

Back in January we made our #9 Top Trend Predictions for 2020.

Prediction #2 was Retail Becomes Subscription.

Our observation was that sustainability-focused consumers are increasingly preferring to rent or swap items, rather than buying them outright.

Our evidence was that brands like H&M is trialling the rental of clothes in its flagship store in Stockholm and Ikea is rumoured to be considering a trial for furniture.  AO already renting out washing machines and Adidas is asking consumers to return worn-out trainers for upgrade to the newest model.

Our conclusion was that the future of retail for products may be to become a lot more like services!

CB Insights have just published a report that suggests this was just the tip of the iceberg …

  • The car industry is being reinvented by brands like Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo have all introduced subscription-based models
  • The airline industry is being disrupted by carriers like Surf Air and Flyline
  • In-home fitness brands like Peloton, Mirror and Tonal
  • Health and Wellness by FitBit, Sleep Cycle, Headspace and Happify

CB Insights identify 7 categories where subscription models are already having an impact

Implication:  Can you create a service line from your portfolio?  The key advantages will be retaining customers’ loyalty and product relevance.

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Trend # 5: Conspicuous Eco-Action
24 Feb 2020

Trend # 5: Conspicuous Eco-Action

As 2020 dawned, we made our #9 Top Trend Predictions for the year ahead.

Prediction #5 was Conspicuous Eco-Action.

In the research groups we’ve conducted recently, whether they are for babyfood, soft drinks or other FMCG goods, we are seeing a consistent pattern.

When asked about priorities, concerns and worries, the environment and sustainability are frequently seldom front-of-mind for consumers.  However, we are seeing a trend towards consumers focusing on single, manageable issues.

Plastic is the biggest topic of conversation around grocery brands, despite ‘sustainability’ being very low on their priority lists.

Consumers want brands to do the hard work for them and will vote with their feet if brands and retailers are not seen to be ditching unnecessary plastic.  Eco-consumption may become less about the status of ‘opting in’, and more about the guilt of ‘opting out’.

So it’s very exciting to see some of the leading, global food businesses, including Danone, integrating their sustainability targets into their financial reporting

Implication: Reduce plastic, and other environmental pollutants, and make sure this reduction is highly-visible to the consumer and those around them.

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CYT’s O’jos Wins NPOTY
7 Feb 2020

CYT’s O’jos Wins NPOTY

We’re very excited that the brilliant team at Concha y Toro UK have won a coveted New Product of the Year Award for their O’jos Wine Spritzer.  Fantastic achievement!

Our team helped CyT segment their category, spot unmet need-states, brainstorm new-product ideas, create initial concepts and quant-test them to spot the winners.  A very exciting and very successful innovation pipeline-filling process!

Why Constraints are Good for Innovation
1 Dec 2019

Why Constraints are Good for Innovation


It’s well worth while checking out this Harvard Business Review post form Chris Stein

HBR: Why Constraints Are Good for Innovation

He argues that managers innovate better when they embrace the constraints within which they are operating.

This really chimes with our experience.

In a workshop we find that a blank sheet of paper waiting for ‘ideas’ can be paralysing – however problem solving against a clearly defined and well-framed set of challenges – can be hugely inspiring!



CYT Disrupt Wine Category
19 May 2019

CYT Disrupt Wine Category

After nearly two years of insighting, analysis, ideation, concepting and activation – it’s very exciting to see the Concha y Tora UK team launch their O’jos Spritzers range.

The products were launched as part of London Wine Week at the equally disruptive O’jos Light & Soul Lounge – the first wine bar in the UK to serve only wine in a can, along with zero calorie mist cocktails, edible alcoholic bubbles and much more!

Find out how we used segmentation and ideation to help the CyT team disrupt the wine category and generate the concept behind O’jos – after the jump!

Top 25 European Innovation 2019
19 May 2019

Top 25 European Innovation 2019

Very exciting to see that Mars’ M&M Ice Creams have made it into Nielsen’s Top 25 New Products 2019 listing.

A huge achievement for Ian Hepburn and the team at Mars Steinbourg!

Insight Tools That Drive Innovation
19 Mar 2019

Insight Tools That Drive Innovation

Some innovations come out of the blue, but the vast majority are based on disruptive, actionable insights that unlock fresh perspectives into unsatisfied consumer needs.

But uncovering those disruptive, actionable insights can be incredibly challenging …

The good news?

There are some really effective LISTENING, OBSERVATION and IMMERSION techniques around … and these … are 12 of the best.

Feeding Baby is A Serious Business!
8 Mar 2019

Feeding Baby is A Serious Business!

How do Millennial Mums work out what they should be feeding to their precious little people? There’s so much expert opinion, stuff on Google and advice from friends on Facebook – how do they work out what to trust?

We’ve been using In-Home Safaris, Online Ethnography and Super-Consumer Focus Groups to get inside their heads and work out what makes a successful proposition ‘tick’.

Standards of Excellence
20 Feb 2019

Standards of Excellence

What does the perfect spirit and mixer look like to the discerning Millennial, premium-spirit drinker? How do they want to interact with that experience in press and social media?

We’ve been using face-to-face, depth-interviews with discerning, affluent drinkers to answer that question – and uncover exactly what they like and what they seek.