Stretching The Burts Brand

We are incredibly proud of our association with the craft, West Country snacks maker Burts.

They may be quite a bit smaller than our typical client, but they are every bit as keen to build their brand, innovate and grow – and they do make exceptionally tasty products.

We’ve worked with key members of the Burts team at two of their previous companies – so working together was easy. Or at least it would have been, if it wasn’t for Covid.

We helped the team build a seamless strategy for revitalising Burts role within the hand-cooked snacks category, ran an online cross-functional brainstorm workshop – and delivered their first ever online qual consumer groups

Brainstorming Workshops

  • Independent & Premium Channel Strategy   We got the team thinking about how they might build on the brand’s roots within the independent & premium ‘foodie’ retail channels
  • Snacking & Healthier Eating Trends:  We inspired them to think about trends in social snacking and trends in healthy eating
  • Craft Foodie Technologies: Most importantly, we got them thinking about how they might leverage technologies within the craft-culinary space – where many of their bigger and better known competitors simply cannot play.
  • Online Workshop:  Even though the workshop was executed online, we still managed to empower the team to generate dozens of fresh NPD ideas
  • Online Feedback:  We tested ten of the most promising ideas with target-audience consumers and identified a pipeline of brand relevant ideas to bring to market.
  • Project Outcome:  The first concept from the pipeline to hit the shelves will be Burts Ridges: the first time high-seasoning + craft-flavours have been combined with crinkles + small-batch cooking – to create an ultra-intense gourmet experience.

What’s Your Challenge?

What is the challenge that’s holding back your business growth?

  • Disruptive Strategy: Need to refocus your ways-of-winning?
  • New Product Ideas:  Need to build a pipeline of breakthrough NPD?
  • Brand Renovation: Need to revitalise an existing brand?
  • Brand Stretch: Need to build new value streams from your core brand equity?

Whatever your challenge – we can help!

Unlocking Growth!

We can help you create online and face-to-face solutions that work – whatever your budget and timeframe

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