Concha y Toro disrupts the wine market with Spritzers in cans

The UK market for wine is well established.

Global wine producers have evolved product portfolios to match virtually every need, moment and price-point.  Concha y Toro are no exception with their hugely successful Chilean Casillero del Diablo, Cono Sur and Frontera ranges

What gaps could possible exist?

U&A and Needstate Mapping

We knew we needed to disrupt the CyT team’s thinking.

They have huge expertise in wine, so we needed to help them see the category in the same way that wine drinkers perceive it

We kicked off a process of one-on-one in-home interviews, where CyT’s team members interacted with their consumers.  There were lots of surprises!

Building on these clues, the Brand Development team generated an eye-opening U&A that mapped the usage, attitudes, moments and needs of both regular wine drinkers and non-category users.  By going so wide, we were able to go beyond the obvious …

Ideation & Concepting

Rather than competing in over-crowded and rapidly-commoditising categories, the super-brave CyT team were keen to explore fresh territories …

In response to this challenge, the Brand Development team structured a stimulating workshop session that explored white-spaces identified within the segmentation and provoked creative thinking about how these unmet-needs could be exploited by wines and wine-based products!

By harnessing the brain-power of data-specialists, planners, marketers, creatives and experts in viticulture – we were able to seriously disrupt expectations and generate a huge bank of exciting new-product concepts.

Naming, Packaging & Product Development

As you might anticipate, the process of breaking new-ground was far from smooth – but the CyT have delivered brilliantly against the challenge!

The first bold growth initiative targets the under-45 market, where engagement with wine is in decline because consumers’ needs are being met by longer, fresher and more invigorating, mixed-drinks based on white spirits.

The launch of O’jos (the Spanish for eyes – reflecting the Chilean tradition of looking into each other’s eyes when toasting friendship with a drink) Fruity 5.5% abv Spritzers in slimline cans during London Wine Week 2019 has really disrupted a category where the traditional format is 14-15% abv bottles in 70cl glass.

The bold aim is to engage younger drinkers with innovative flavours, authentic ingredients and compelling brand stories – in an iconoclastic packaging format that has already stirred up the US wine market.

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