Skittles Are Getting Naked!

It’s great to see our friends at Mars-Wrigley being so disruptive!  They’ve stripped the shiny, sugar-shell off the iconic ‘Skittle’, to create Chewies – a totally new textural experience.

It’s especially exciting to see it in stores and read the super-excited posts of Skittles fans on social media, because it so nearly didn’t happen!

Saved from Oblivion

There was a time, when it looked like the concept of a naked Skittle was going nowhere …

It had performed reasonably well in concept tests across a number of markets, but failed to achieve the required action standards in the UK.The global launch was not going to happen!

We got involved, when the team decided to give the concept one last chance …

Power of Co-Creation

Analysis of the quanti concept-test results gave us some clues about what needed to change within the master-concept – and allowed us to craft some alternative versions for testing

But it was working creatively with super-consumer mums and their 5-15 year-old kids that really allowed our insight-team to unlock the subtle changes that needed to be made – to transform their failing innovation concept into a winner!

From Failure to In-Market Success!

We’ve successfully used co-creation lots of times to help clients rescue failing concepts and maximise the potential of promising ideas – but it’s still a thrill to see a concept you’ve worked on, go on to achieve brilliant concept test scores, and prove itself by becoming a success in store!

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