Air New Zealand

8 Jul 2016

In another piece of pure genius, the Air New Zealand team have again raised the standards of in plane communications (that’s Safety Demonstrations – if you hadn’t worked it out!).

We had previously been pretty impressed by the creativity and quality of the Virgin Atlantic demos.  Streets ahead of everything we’d ever seen (exception a Delta Regional flight in the US where the solo-stewardess pretty much went into Cabaret!

In their Latest version of the safety demo ANZ have recruited Rhys Darby and Anna Faris to deliver a Hollywood theme

Personally, I am not truly sure if it tops their last efforts which where they recruited members of the All Blacks for a brilliant Men in Black pastiche which features and astonishing combination of rap and dance.  But only because the MiB execution was so incredible.

So much more engaging than pretty much any other airline.  What a great way to build your branding.

Written by  David Goudge