A baby bottle like no other

1 Sep 2016

Back at the start of 2013 the team at Mayborn’s Tommee Tippee asked us to develop an innovation programme to build on the success of their ‘Closer to Nature’ baby feeding range.

We put together a fast-moving insight, ideation and concept co-creation programme that not only helped them build a robust innovation pipeline, but also provided masses of deep, empathetic insight that genuinely disrupted the team’s thinking about how they should meet the needs of contemporary mums and mums to be.

The first launch from this pipeline was the brilliant Pump & Go Breast Expressing and Storage system in mid-2015.

We’re really excited to see the second product in the pipeline has hit the market – Ultra

Ultra is a unique, new feeding-bottle that not only has a breast-like shape for natural latching and easy switching between bottle and breast – it also has a revolutionary offset nipple and intelligent venting design that smoothes milk flow and dramatically reduces the risk of colic.  Virtually everything you need to deliver the perfect bottle feeding experience.

Thanks to the rich insights we delivered – paired with the brilliant design solutions created by the Tommee Tippee team Ultra really is: ‘the only bottle you’ll ever need’.

If you are interested to know more: we’ve created a case history – but please do get in touch if you’d like us to talk you through the story personally!

Written by  David Goudge