Fresh Approaches to Unlocking Innovation Insights

8 Sep 2017

Don’t kick-off without a Rewind

We passionately believe the first stage in every insight journey  … should be a trip into your archives!

Before you start investing money gathering additional learnings, we’d always advocate a careful ‘rewind’ of your existing research.  After all, fresh eyes like ours, will often spot invaluable clues hidden in the knowledge you already hold.

Our Rewind process carefully reviews your existing research to extract relevant clues, analyse patterns and summarise learnings  … then seeks to re-present it in inspiring and provocative ways that stimulate your team’s thinking!

Exploit the message in Big Data

Spotting patterns in the behavioural data you can access, and transactional data you already hold, is becoming an increasingly powerful tool in the innovators’ armoury.  However, the real challenge is all too often ‘cutting through the noise’ to reveal the clean data that allows you to spot meaningful patterns.

By working with the right partners we have found it possible to not just unlock the clues that can be gathered by tracking consumer search terms, but also spot ways of tying these into creatively empowering segmentations.

The trick we’ve learned is to view all data as tools designed to inspire imagination and stimulate creative thinking – not as a solution in its own right.  We’ve got a proven track record of unlocking the power of big data … to generate fresh ideas.  Why not find out more?

Ethnography: the power of observation

Online research tools, like digital diaries and vlogs, have made it possible to gain insights into your consumers’ everyday lives and literally track their behaviour as it happens.

Innovations like Video Glasses, inspired by Google Glass and evolved by the likes of Snap Inc, have put real-time observation into the hands of every project team.  Small-scale consumer observation programmes can now generate the most incredibly powerful insights.

Our ethnography programmes are designed to get you and your team a glimpse into your consumers ‘everyday lives’.  That way, we go far beyond reportage and start generating dynamic observational-insights that inspire fresh strategies and inspired thinking.

Go on Safari!

Whilst we love Online Ethnography for its ability to remove the vagaries of the respondent’s memory.

The single most powerful insight gathering tool remains the one-on-one depth interview conducted in the ‘place of consumption’.  We’ve done them in homes, in offices, in bars.  We love the ability to build up trust and conduct the kind of deep-dive interviews that strip away pretensions and defences, to really expose consumers’ true hopes, fears and motivations about brand choice and product usage.

Unlike the group environment, the ‘in-use’ environment gives insight gatherers unrivalled access to consumers’ kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes – everywhere they need to go to validate claims, challenge assertions, and really start to uncover the kind of power-clues that fire the innovation process

Why not discover how our face-to-face programmes get you and your team right ‘inside your consumers’ head’ … to generate the kind of dynamic consumer-empathy that inspires breakthrough concepts and strategies!

Harnessing Super-Consumer Conflict Groups

Whilst in some ways the classic ‘consumer group’ is our least favourite insight-gathering tool, it can still have a powerful place in your insight armoury … when imaginatively used.

Super-Consumer Mini-Groups executed with consumers of above average intellect, communication skills and creativity can be harnessed as powerful insight-gathering tools – as long as their full power is unlocked by encouraging dissent or even downright conflict!

Turning insights into Creative Springboards

Insight gathering is only one small part of the equation.

In fact, we’ve encountered quite a few clients who are actually more constrained by the number of insights they’ve gathered, rather than empowered and inspired by the ones they’ve unlocked.

That’s where our Insight Activation workshops come into their own.

A well-run Activation Workshop goes way beyond helping your team work out which insights are inspiring and actionable.  It can also help them harness consumer empathy gained on the ‘journey’ to frame clues into empowering and mentally-stimulating insight-springboards.

Our Insight Activation workshops will shape inspiring brand strategies and drive the creativity that stimulates breakthrough ideation!  So, shouldn’t you find out more today?

Written by  David Goudge