Without great insights, innovation’s impossible!

27 Feb 2018

Great insights underpin every breakthrough innovation.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your ‘insights bank’ fresh …

But, if the insights you’re using to drive your innovation or brand renovation strategy are more than 12 months old – the chances are they’re out of date!

So much has changed in your target consumers’ lives that now could be the time to reconnect with them.

In the last year:

  • Brexit – has dramatically impacted on consumer confidence …
  • Alexa, Google Home and AI – have made ‘voice’ part of how consumers expect to gain knowledge and buy …
  • Social-media reactions to everything from ‘tactless’ ad storytelling to ‘gender stereotyping’ has allowed activists to hold major brands to account …
  • The continued mainstreaming of discount-retailers – have made the ‘search for value’ a key part of everyday shopping …
  • The growth of social-selling, changing perceptions of sugar and the search for ‘wellbeing’ – are all changing expectations …

The pace of change will just keep accelerating.

So, the need to get close to your consumers and truly connect with them has never been greater!

We’d strongly recommend getting out and re-connecting with your target consumers – not in nice comfy groups, but in their own habitat.  You’ll learn more about their subtleties, complexities and unmet needs from a few online ethnos or in-home safaris than you ever will from dozens of syndicated reports or conventional groups!

If gathering fresh insights and making fresh consumer connections is a live issue for you, we’d love to talk to you about how mobile ethnography, in-home safaris, shopper ride-alongs, life-logging and surf-observations can all be harnessed as power-tools. They won’t just help your team uncover previously un-recognised insights, but also give them the kind of intuitive empathy they need to generate more relevant ideas and deliver even more successful activations.

We’ll help you and your team get out of your comfort zones – and face-to-face with real, live consumers far faster and more cost-effectively than you might think.

We can help you plan, prepare, execute and harvest rich learnings from your consumer connects, but we can also help you synthesise the learnings, marshal the insights and turn them into springboards for agile innovation and brand renovation.

So, if you suspect your insights would benefit from a quick programme of refreshment and reinvigoration, why don’t we talk?

Jo or I would be happy to talk you through the tools and techniques that are available … or even help you put a programme in place right now!

Written by  David Goudge