Be a green hero!

We’ve had a lot of interest in our article on plastic alternatives. However, a lot of companies are saying that they are too small to take the lead on such a big initiative and need to wait for the big brands or packaging manufacturers to move first.

We believe there is more than one way to tackle the challenge and lots of potential for smaller brands to steal the initiative from the big brands…

Now’s the time to challenge your business to take action on plastics (and build brand loyalty along the way)!

1: Replace?

Can you REPLACE the container your product currently ships in?

Perhaps with one of the environmentally-friendly plastic substitutes we highlighted here

2: Re-Use?

Can your consumer RE-USE the container? Could you REWARD the consumer for this?

Starbucks, Waitrose and Coca-Cola are all investing in schemes that encourage consumers to re-use their drinks cups or bottles.

3: Return?

Can your consumer RETURN the container?

Get ahead of this initiative and create your own scheme which helps build consumer loyalty?

4: Re-Frame?

Can you RE-FRAME the product to REMOVE an element of packaging altogether?

With a different solution like Britvic’s Squash’d or this where the end product packaging is replaced with a system that uses less packaging.

Challenge is to think laterally!

These routes to changing the environmental footprint of your brand require some lateral thinking to maximise the opportunity.

When will you start?

If you would like help brainstorming the opportunities for your brand or researching the options with consumers give us a call. David or Jo on LinkedIn or 01491 411272.

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But if you’d just like more information about gathering actionable insights, generating breakthrough ideas or crafting compelling concepts – just follow the relevant links.