Winning Concepts Built on Actionable Insight

When you’re brand leader in your category, generating significant growth can be tough

We helped Nestle’s Prague-based JOJO sugar-confectionery team re-connect with their target audience of millennial mums via Facebook and physical consumer-connects. We then harnessed the insights generated to inspire new-product ideation that directly addressed their needs.

Over two, high-energy workshop days we helped the team generate dozens of strong ideas, then focused and refined them though consumer co-creation.

Turning Concepts into Commercial Winners!

7 of the 15 shortlisted concepts not only exceeded Nestlé’s concept-test action-standards, but outperformed Kantar’s category norms too.

It’s very exciting to hear that the first launch from this pipeline, 30% Less-Sugar Bears, have been well received by retailers – and are now one of their fastest selling new products!

A brilliant demonstration of the power of sound insight, inspired ideation and an agile approach.

Need to Generate Winning Concepts in 2019?

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