Unleashing team creativity

We stimulate teams to make brilliant creative leaps.

We make this happen by creating inspiring & stretching ideation workshops where fresh thinking thrives.

Great workshops are always fun and inspiring, but they also stretch your team’s intellectual curiosity & creativity … to create high-energy environments that encourage breakthrough idea generation.

We can deliver blue-sky brainstormers, small-team incubators, rapid-recyclers ….

Each innovation workshop is crafted to match your needs.  A bespoke solution packed with: fresh stimulus, inspiring experts, thought-provoking catalysts and brain-stretching team-building exercises to stimulate discussion and spark creative leaps!

Check out our six essential elements of a power-workshop here!

We’ve been delivering successful innovation workshops for over 20 years including: NPD idea generators for Nestle, positioning generators for Danone, rapid-recyclers for Wrigley and EPD claims generators for RB.

Why not share your idea-generation challenge … and we’ll help you create an environment where genius thrives!


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