Building competitive advantage.

Great strategy builds a brand’s right to succeed over time.

We identify brand’s truths and build their competitive advantage.

We work closely with you, your consumers and even your customers – to ‘psycho-analyse’ your brand – stripping away the complexity to identify the actionable consumer and market insights that drive brand success and pinpoint the fundamental truths that lie at your brand’s core.

But that’s not an end in itself, we then use small-team Think-Shops to creatively exploit the Brand Truth to maximise your long-term success.

So, whether you prefer to use a brand pyramid, key, onion, or some other framework; we’ll help you crystallise the insights and truths into a vision and mission that will guide and inspire brand activation and innovation for decades to come.

We’ve created innovative strategies for clients as diverse as Astra Zeneca, Heinz, Nespresso, Nestle, Pepsico and Unilever.

Let us show you how we’d do it for you …


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