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For the last 50 years Unilever have been at the forefront of promoting margarine as high-polyunsaturated heart-friendly food. But times change and increasing numbers of consumers have come to see butter as more natural and wholesome than spread.

We worked with the Unilever Global Spreads Team as they began to think the unthinkable … how could we reposition our core spread brands to compete more effectively against butter?

We developed packaging and positioning concepts that explored just how far each of the existing spread brands might be stretched, then we extended the thinking to see whether any brands within the broader foods portfolio might have resonance with consumers.


The result: Butter/Spread NPD launches globally.


“I really like the approach they take to generating work that delivers real outcomes. From the generation of insights with a breadth of platforms at the start, to the creation of concepts that score strongly in quant, the team have helped deliver projects that work for global teams but are also locally relevant for our markets.

David and his team are passionate about what they do. They immerse themselves in the business situation, explore adjacent categories and with their breadth of experience are able to have the right people work on whatever challenge you have.” 

Vice President Marketing Foods North America at Unilever


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  • Client :Unilever