30 Jan 2018

Optimisation, Renovation or Innovation?

Everyone recognises the need to grow their business in 2018. But which strategy would be best for your business: Should you play it safe and go for optimisation? Should you invest in core renovation? Or should you bet big –Read More
6 Jan 2016

Trends for 2016

Happy New Year! January is a perfect time to review the past year, pick up on the key trends from the last 12 months and start thinking about how to use these themes to optimise future innovation. Having absorbed mountains of articles andRead More
23 Dec 2015

Classic idea + new perspective

Once the territory of cheap chocolate and hyperactive children, advent calendars have evolved into something a bit more sophisticated. Today’s new offerings target a range of ages, interests and wallet sizes with an overwhelming array of calendars tailored to a new adult audience.Read More
11 Dec 2015

Wot, no meat?

Today the COP21 climate change talks draw to a close in Paris and the big talking point for foodies and anyone in the food industry has to be the discussion about our meat-eating habits and what responsible meat consumption should look likeRead More
1 Dec 2015

Beazley Wins Lloyd’s Innovation Award

We always get ridiculously excited when one the projects we've worked on makes it to market, so you can imagine how thrilled we were when we heard that our lovely boutique insurance client Beazley had won one of the inauguralRead More
1 Dec 2015

Watch out Nutella!

There aren't many kids that don't love Nutella on their bread, but now kids in Japan will be able to have slices of ready-cut and pre-packed chocolate! Bourbon have started to sell soft and intense chocolate slices packaged like Kraft CheeseRead More