Time For Brands To Embrace New Methods of Storytelling

Time For Brands To Embrace New Methods of Storytelling

Brand Positioning has remained largely uni-dimensional since the concept was created twenty or thirty years ago. 

For most clients a strong positioning is: a statement, some images and a tone of voice to be used when uttering that statement.  For the vast majority the preferred method of communicating the statement has always been the TV advertisement.

Advertising Age has some interesting thoughts about how brand owners need to adapt the way they think about positioning; if they are going to capitalise on opportunities presented by interactive media.

We have long suggested that the best way of positioning a brand is to create a "brand world" for it to inhabit.  Trans-media storytelling takes this thought a stage further; suggesting that the brand communication needs to be made up of a mosaic of multidimensional, drillable and interacting components that engage consumers, encourage interaction and maybe even stimulate co-creation.

It's going to force us all to re-evaluate and stretch how we think about brand positioning.  But it's going to be fun!